I’ve made a sissy wish list for you — and I’ll be checking it TWICE to make sure you’ve complied!

All I want you for Christmas is for you to acquire what I’ve put on your sissy wish list. You think I have all the time in the world to thoughtfully, meticulously curate the things you need to transform from a basic closet queen bitch to the cum slut princess you dream of being? I don’t. Chop chop, whore!

  1. A dildo. If you’re a real beginner, start with a buttplug. Ideally, you’re going to work your way up to taking a really big cock in your pussy. Maybe a really big black strapon cock (mine) or the other (i.e., REAL) kind??
  2. Fake tits. Silicone, plastic, I don’t care — just be sure they help you look more like a “real girl” and less like a confused genderless freak in a dress.
  3. Panties. I don’t care how you obtain these. Go through the U-scan (because you’re too ashamed to face a cashier) or steal your sister-in-law’s . . . it’s all the same to me!
  4. Stockings. Black sheer, fishnet, something trashier — it doesn’t matter. They’re going to be full of runs, in TATTERS soon anyway.
  5. Something slutty to wear out. You can try to impress me by picking out a fancy dress that shows off your new fake cleavage, but I’ll be giving you a harsh critique anyway. Don’t forget to send pictures of your new slut get up!
  6. A wig. By the end of your first strapon training session with me, it’s going to look like it got run over by a car . . . so start off with something at least halfway decent looking, ok bitch??
  7. Makeup. The cheaper and more whorish, the better. We want you looking like a two-dollar hooker, not a Sephora model.
  8. Ducktape. Ever heard of tucking? No matter how itty bitty your clitty is, no matter how much small penis humiliation phone sex you’ve had — you’re going to need to tape that nasty thing back and down!


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke