You came home exhausted. You had been wavering between being hard and being limp all day. Not that you were concerned anyone would see your tiny bulge. It really barely showed up anyway. That damn plug. Every chance you got, you found yourself sneaking away to the bathroom, working it in and out of your asshole again and again. It was addictive, being stretched and then feeling your hungry ass tighten around the plug over and over. But for the love of God, you did NOT want to tell your wife. And the panties, the damn panties. They were fucked, ruined. Soaked with precum, they had been rubbing against your sensitive swollen balls all day. When you got home, she was waiting for you. You could tell she was happy with her sissy transformation fantasy playing out right in front of her.

You bent over in front of her.

Dropping your pants, you revealed how the panties were starting to feel tighter and tighter, pressing up between your cheeks. Your wife smiled. You felt her hands on your ass, spreading your cheeks wide to inspect the silver plug. 

“Oh wow, look how pink your little hole is. Were you playing with yourself all day?”

You feel a blush rise to your cheeks, but don’t say anything. You don’t want to lie and be punished… or reveal the truth and be punished. Your wife leads you to the bedroom and forces you to bend over the end of the bed. Her foot kicks against the inside of yours until you’re spread out for her, presenting your hole again.

“This sissy transformation fantasy is playing out exactly as I wanted.”

“…Baby-” you start, then feel a hard SLAP as she spanks your ass. You groan, your whole body moving forward with the motion.

“It’s about time you learned your fucking place around here. From now on, I’m Mistress,” she punctuates her statement with another slap to your ass. It makes you bite your lip and rut your limp cock against the bed. Fuck, you feel so pathetic. “You want this plug out?” She asks, her wet fingers circling your strained, sensitive ass. You nod, throat too blocked up with a moan to say anything. “Then fucking say it. Say please-”

“Please, please, please,” you beg. You feel an intense wave of pleasure and pressure building. You don’t want to cum like this, a plug up your ass while being treated like a slut. The sissy transformation fantasy was starting to become a reality. It was affecting you like crazy. Another hard slap to your ass has your hips pathetically humping the edge of the bed and seeing stars.

“Not fucking good enough.”

You bite your lip; you know what she wants. Oh my god. You swallow nothing…

‘Only for her.’ you think, ‘Only for her. Only for her.’ 

“P-please pull m-m-my-” She spanks you, thrusting her hips against your ass and sending the plug deeper. You start to feel desperate. “Please! Please pull out my plug, Mistress!” 

“Good, sissy,” she replies. 

Your cheeks burn in shame and humiliation. You grip the covers and take it as she pulls the plug out. When it’s gone, you feel your legs start to shake. You were so close to cumming, your balls swollen and aching. When was she going to let you fuck her? Like you had been craving for weeks. Her juicy wet pussy. You can see how swollen and pink and delicious it’s become as she walks away.

You start building up the courage to ask.

Even I’m hanging onto my every word as I write this. If you missed part 1 of the sissy transformation fantasy story, please give it a look! If you want to play out the rest of this sissy transformation phone sex in a personalized way, give me a call! Until next time~

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