Hello, my name is Lexie Lovelace. I’m here to tell you all about Mistress Angel’s Sissy Training Program. Read on!

Admit it, you’ve been anxiously waiting to begin Part 2 of Angel’s Sissy Training Program, haven’t you? Did you miss Part 1 of this Sissy Training Rules course? Shame on you, Sissy! Be sure to click on the PINK link above so you can catch up with the rest of the class, dirty girl.

You’re in a classroom full of sissies, what fun! Can you imagine? Ooooh. But I’ll write about that at a future date.

Anyway, where was I? We did cover several rules in Part 1, but there are additional rules for this sissy training program that we must review:

At the start of each month, Mistress Angel will grant you a reward, as long as you’ve strictly followed all Her sissy rules for the entire 30 days. What is your sissy reward, you ask? When She can take time out of Her busy schedule, Mistress Angel will fuck you with a dildo to point of sissygasm. You’re wondering what a sissygasm is, I can tell. It’s a ruined orgasm, specially created for sissies like you, bwahahaha!

Of course, it goes without saying that just because you’re getting your sissy cunt stuffed with a toy, your drippy little clitty will still be securely locked up! Last but not least, you must promptly eat any cum that manages to leak out of your sissy cage.

Furthermore, please be aware that if Sissy cums without Mistress’ permission, you’ll not only forfeit at least two sissygasm rewards, but you can also forget about that chastity cage being removed for the next six weeks, oh no!

Your Sissy Training Program Rules – You must recite the following “Sissy’s Motivational Sayings” every night before bedtime, or more often at Mistress Angel’s discretion:

I am a sissy.

I’m a good girl for Mistress Angel.

A sissy’s role is to serve others.

I will focus on completing my chores perfectly.

I am a GIRL, so I must always show off my sexy body.

Remember! Butt out, belly in, boobs out.

I must always bend from the waist to show off my sissy ass, or kneel down as befits my station.

Sissies love to suck cock.

I love to lick pussy.

I’m a sissy. I love to be fucked!

I love this buttplug in my sissy cunt, SO much; especially because I know Mistress is rewarding me for doing my daily sissy chores.

As Mistress Angel informed you during your Sissy Orientation, She will loan you out to her friends and colleagues as part of your sissy training program.

You must carefully observe the following Sissy Service Rules performing your sissy duties:

🌺 Sissy will be at the patrons’ service for the agreed number of hours, for the cheap sissy whore price of $1 per hour, payable on arrival.

🌺 Sissy will always address the patron with their preferred title of choice, please inform Sissy of what that title is. The patron(s) may address Sissy as they wish.

🌺 Sissy will always arrive in chastity, corset, and a firmly-inserted butt plug. If practical, Sissy will dress appropriately in whichever outfit the patron desires, whether that’s as a sissy maid, sissy whore, bimbo fucktoy, etc. Otherwise, Sissy will dress upon arrival. Sissy may NOT remove her clitty cage, but the patron may adjust Sissy’s outfit however they desire. For example, exposing sissy’s chastity device, lifting skirts higher, and so on.

🌺 If the patron will desire anal service during the session, Sissy will give herself an enema prior to arrival. A prepared sissy is a good sissy, after all!

Sissy practice makes sissy perfect, right? Keep reading, you’re just a few steps away from sissy perfection.

🌺 Sissy will perfectly perform all required tasks, from ordinary household chores to sexual services. However, everyone involved agrees to practice safe sex at all times. Sissy has trained to enjoy being in predicament bondage while serving, with Sissy’s elbows cuffed behind her back, ankles cuffed, etc. The patron may apply any desired restraints at will.

🌺 Sissy loves to train. The patron may set rules and rewards and punishments as they choose. Sissy may not be marked except on the butt. Sissy especially enjoys giving oral pleasure and loves being fucked. The patron should consider both of these as rewards for good service. However, no rewards or punishments are necessary. It’s Sissy’s duty to serve and serve well, regardless.

🌺 The patron is welcome to remind sissy of their submission and servitude by calling Sissy a cheap sissy whore, a fucktoy slut who loves to be used and abused, as well as other objectifying phrases. The patron will touch and grope Sissy wherever and whenever the patron wishes.

🌺 At the end of Sissy’s service session, the patron is encouraged, but not required, to write a short note to Mistress Angel and give a rating out of five. Sissy will thank the patron for allowing Sissy to serve and then depart.

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