Mommy already has a dress picked out for her sissy son.

Sneaking into Mommy’s panty drawer was the naughty gateway for you to be-cum my sissy son. Remember when I caught you in the act? I knew it was not the first time. You did not realize it, but I would be waiting to catch you since your first forbidden peek inside!

Even though you’d worn them all by then, you pretended you did not want to model them for Mommy. Luckily your pretty Mommy can be sweet and stern. You pretended you didn’t want the forced feminization punishment Mommy gave you. I had no choice but to make you put the prettiest, pinkest pair on. If anyone was forced, it was Mommy!

When you are playing dress-up with me, you don’t feel so ashamed about your taboo incest fantasy. Why would you? Mommy can transform you into the sissy son you really are. Why keep pretending you’re a boy when you’re not, silly girl??

No one loves you as your perfect Mommy does. Only she knows what you really are . . . and only she can make your secret sissy son fantasy cum true.

Maybe you have another sissy son Mommy play phone sex scenario in mind? I’m open to anything your perverted imagination suggests.

Maybe mommy’s little boy doesn’t want to become a man or a girl — maybe he’d rather be her obedient little cock sucker? It doesn’t matter what it takes for Mommy to “persuade” you to embrace your faggot fate . . . there are NO LIMITS to Mommy’s “persuasion” tactics!

When she’s through with you, there will be no limits to what you’ll do to “fuck my mom” either.

Ready to cum play with Mommy? I’m ready to role play with you. No taboos, anything goes!!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke