Wanted: Obedient Sissy Slave Eager to Please

 I’m looking for a few good submissives that are eager to learn how to be the best sissy slave they can possibly be. If you think you can handle my vigorous training program, then you should give me a call and we can start the process and our own BDSM sex story.

I would please me to no end to control you, make you my sissy slave, or perhaps even my sissy maid slave. Yessss… I like the sound of that. We’ll start with putting that itty bitty thing you loosely call a cock into a chastity cage. I will bring you to the edge time and time again, and then deprive you of your orgasm. After all, a good sissy slave must learn that his pleasure only comes from my pleasure.

Your path to true submission has so many possibilities

True, I can be fierce with my demands, but the fact of the matter is, is that I also love all kinds of domination. From hard and near sadistic, to tender, sensual domination. From punishing a businessman who is too cocky in his success, to punishing a sissy who needs to be taught right from wrong.   And I especially like to play with you crossdressing sluts!  You’re always so compliant!

True, the application process can be daunting, and you will have to pass some rigorous tests. Whether or not you can handle my particular form of training to be my sissy slave remains to be seen. I’ve been told it can be quite rigorous, including…well… we can talk about all my toys and tools when you actually call me.

I will tell you that I have my ways of making you so hard. It will feel like your cock will fall off if I don’t allow you to cum, and yet I won’t.  You will beg and beg to cum, and I will again deny you.  You will beg me over and over again, whimpering your promises of anything I want if only I would allow you your sweet release during our humiliation phone sex session.  If you offer enough in ways of humility and worship my sweet sissy slave, you may be rewarded.


 But we’ll just have to see when you dial my phone sex line, now won’t we?

 C’mon my wanna-be sissy slave, let me push you to your limits!  I’ll be waiting!


Your Free Sex Story & Sissy Slave Guru,

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke