We’ve just returned from your very first sissy shopping trip. Do your new panties feel GOOD, slut?

I’ll let my new sissy take the story from here. After all, telling us all about her first sissy shopping trip is a crucial stage in her feminine development! Oooh, see what I did there? No more masculine pronouns for YOU, missy! From now on, it’s absolutely vital that you properly acknowledge taking that very first sissy step. What do I mean? Well, duh. Clearly, you’re not exactly a MAN anymore. Reading my kinky sex stories took care of that,  right!? 🤣

Your transformation story!

Upon our arrival at my Queen’s condo, she had me bring all the shopping bags in from the car. I still couldn’t believe all the hot lingerie she’d made me buy: Panties, bras, stockings, garter belts, corsets, bustiers, and more. Of course, today’s sissy shopping trip was a dream “cum” true for me, Queen Angel’s newest sissygirl!

“Strip, sissyslut!” she commanded as she grinned wickedly. Obeying instantly, I stood before her, removing my “male clothes” to reveal my cute new panties and matching bra. After I knelt before her with my head bowed, my Queen strutted a slow circle around me as she spoke:

“Well now, let’s evaluate how you’ve done today thus far, girl. My girlfriends were quite impressed with your performance on your first sissy shopping trip. Although everyone KNOWS that females are the dominant sex, clearly you’re proving it. For instance, not only did you carry all of our bags, but you generously paid for it all yourself, which is how it should be.

🌺What a good girl you are, Sissy!🌺

“So,” my Goddess continued as I trembled on my knees, “it’s time that you showed everyone how far you’ve progressed in your sissy training. I’m throwing a party, and you get to help, isn’t that awesome? I’ve picked out a delicious little confection for you to wear, a maid’s outfit! Mmm, you’re going to be the perfect, most feminine servant. Indeed, it’s time to show everyone that females are definitely superior to men!

As I hung my head in humiliation, I admitted to myself that she spoke the truth. Just weeks ago, I had been a self-centered, clueless male. However, my Queen has dominated me with her feminine power. Who knew that today’s sissy shopping trip would take me even further? Truly, she’s seduced and enslaved me completely! Not only that, but after quickly discovering my total weakness for her, she’s mindfucked me into becoming a proper sissywhore who burns to serve superior females!

My Queen leaned down to growl in my ear, “Tonight, you will obey my guests as you would obey me. In addition, you will eagerly perform every task they give you, no matter what it is. In fact, you will make certain to thank them for any humiliation with which they may choose to favor you. Now then, get your new sissy maid uniform out of that closet.

Hey, did I -say- you could walk? Don’t forget, you’re just a male. Instead, you’d better CRAWL.

There you go, good girl. Now let’s get you dressed for the party.” With “helpful,” teasing pinches and playful slaps from my Queen, I managed to slip into my uniform: a short, frilly black satin dress, matching lacy thong panties and pushup bra, a garter belt, fishnet stockings, and platform stiletto heels. Standing me in front of the wall-length mirror, we looked at my perfect feminine form. Seriously, I barely recognized the sweet, slightly slutty girl who stared back at me with wide eyes.

“How lovely you are! Ready to serve, girl?” my Queen purred.

“Oh yes, Ma’am!” I moaned, nodding. I was definitely ready to serve now. Indeed, I’ll do whatever my Queen commands! Truly, I’m proud to admit that I’m an inferior (fe)male who’s ready to become the very best sissy I can be!

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