An all-day sissy shopping list adventure.

A sissy shopping list was just what my submissive pet needed. Little Jason had been a very good boy lately, so it was time to take him out for an all-day shopping trip. However, for that whole day, he had to go by his new name: Jasmine. Doesn’t Jasmine sound better than Jason? He was truly out to live a sissy girl’s favorite fantasy. He even got the rough sissy fucking he had yearned for all holiday long, but not before dinner and a shopping spree. The day started like any other. First, my little submissive stopped by to get ready at my place. Obviously, he adores me when I do his makeup because he’s still learning how to do it all properly himself. I set him on a remedy of watching several Youtube artists’ makeup tutorial videos.

Once Jason arrived, I took her upstairs to my room. First things first, she needed to take a long, hot bath. I gave her what she needed and set her loose. She pampered herself with a bubble bath and a soak in Epsom salts. Then, I sent her off to clean her nails, leaving them clean since we set an appointment for the nail salon later. Once all was said and done, she sat in my chair to prepare for her sissy shopping list adventure. As I turned Jason into Jasmine, we started crafting our list of things he needed. The list quickly filled with things ranging from regular clothes to lingerie and sex toys.

It was an all-expense sissy day.

Jasmine forked over her credit card and told me to shop away, to take her on the adventure and buy her everything she’d need. The first store we hit was Nordstrom. We were starting from the outside in. First things first, we needed to buy her a few dresses. I started by leading her to the women’s section and then finding the skimpier cocktail dresses available. We moved our way to the shoe section, where Jasmine was fitted with the prettiest, dazzling set of stiletto heels we could find. They were these 6″tall, sparkling, champagne-colored heels with red-bottoms. We paired those with a set of black thigh-highs and garters, all under the lovely cocktail dress.

Next up on the sissy shopping list: the lingerie. What is a good dress without some good lingerie? We moved on to the classic Victoria’s Secret for that. As soon as we walked in, Jasmine’s eyes lit up like Christmas trees. My sissy ran wild through the array of dressers and drawers and the semi-annual sale. She picked out much more lingerie than she needed, but who could blame her? We had picked out ONE outfit for her to wear, but the lingerie was the star of the show. So, we loaded a little shopping bag up with as many things as we could pick out for her to try on. Quickly, she carted everything away to the fitting rooms.

That’s where the show began.

The sissy shopping list fashion show. This was all girl-time. Jasmine stood in her fitting room, in front of the decoratively lit mirror, trying on every piece of lingerie. She put the push-up bras on and admired how it squeezed her sissy tits together. Next, she moved on to try on all kinds of lingerie that matched her top. With each different look, she would strike a different pose for my camera. I sat in the room and photographed her stroking all these poses, gathering a portfolio for her Grindr account later. Jasmine was putting in work – and not just for herself. She was modeling all that lingerie for herself and for the guys who I had waiting on her. She had several guys lined up for that night, and I would pimp her out to all of them.

We left the fitting rooms in small disarray. She kept almost everything she initially separated. After all our shopping, it was an amazing selection of all kinds of thongs, crotch-less panties, push-up bras, delicate bralettes, and more. And as soon as we checked out, off, we went to the next part of our adventure: the sex store. I picked a store I was very familiar with downtown and let Jasmine loose. We arrived with her completely cross-dressing in her dress, heels, thigh-highs, lingerie, and fresh manicure. After a while, we wandered through the store, and she couldn’t help but stare at everything with doe eyes.

So many sex toys, so little time.

My little sissy was completely awestruck, and who could blame her? She was living her favorite fantasy from her world of fetish phone sex. She strutted around town, from store to store, completely cross-dressing and strutting her new fashion. Now we stood in the middle of the sex store, and she ran wild. She picked up everything that I set on the list, from butt plugs to vibrators and strap-ons. What do you think was the biggest toy she bought?

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