013I have wayyyy to much fun with my sissy girls! Oh, the creative shit they do to get fucked like a filthy slut is beyond entertaining. *smiles*
One of my girly girls decided he, oh, excuse me, I mean she, giggles, wanted to be a slutty girl scout. She wanted to earn slutty badges, sell cookies and most of all design her own version of a slutty girl scout uniform. She had a name and everything, the Sissy Scouts. Hahaha!  The outfit she came up with earned her the very first merit badge to grace her sexy sissy sash, the Sissy Scout fashionista badge!  Which she designed of course, as well as all the others she will earn. Crafty lil slut huh? Tee hee!
She wore her slutty sissy scout uniform proudly, it made her feel so girly and dirty but there was just one thing missing. I reached into my purse and pulled out my favorite shade of red lipstick which is, cock sucker red. I laced her lips with it as I told her “this is every sluts favorite color.” *giggles* Now her mission is to start filling up her sexy sash with merit badges she can be proud to show off.
Looking like the proud sissy slut she is, I decided we should go to the local sex club to see if she could sling her homemade sissy scout cookies and earn her cock sucking badge there. Just as I suspected, when she walked into the sex club all eyes where on her. I could see the excitement was getting to her as her skirt starting to pop up like a little pop tent…tee hee. It was so obvious this slut was extremely eager to start earning her badges. I explained to the guys who were gathering around what she was there for and most were happy to help. Hahaha! She left perfect red lipstick rings on all the cocks she sucked and gobbled down every creamy load like a good cum guzzling slut!
All the guys agreed she deserved the cock sucking and cum guzzling slut merit badges. I was sooo proud of my little slut, she was really becoming a true whore and on her way to fulfilling her slutty dreams! *giggles* Her cookies are damn good too! Hahaha.  If any of you sluts think you have what it takes to be a Sissy Scout give me a call and tell me why you would make a good sissy scout. *smirk*
Troop Leader Danielle


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