Sissy Panty Boy – You really thought you’d be able to get away with sneaking into my apartment?

Sissy Panty Boy, over the past several weeks I have noticed items from my vanity, closet and toy drawer going missing. First, it was my brand new corset. Then the matching stockings a few days later, only to be followed by the garter belt for the set! I figured that maybe I had left them at one of my many boy toys’ homes but wouldn’t I recall that? Surely I would. I realize I’m a bit of “girl about town” but never before had I left lingerie anywhere besides my dirty clothes hamper.

The next piece of evidence you left behind, Sissy Panty Boy, would have been less obvious to some.

For a few days, I didn’t notice that you had begun going through my make-up stash. An entire travel bag of lipsticks, blushes, mascara, and eyeliner gone! Even my favorite shade of hot pink nail polish had wandered off. That’s when I made the discovery that more of my pretty playthings had disappeared. It doesn’t stop there though. Not at all.

Greedy little Sissy Panty Boy, you took it upon yourself to go into my toy drawer and played with every single one of my sex toys!

The anal beads, vibrating and stationary. Every single one of my dildos, even my nipple clamps! Each toy had been placed in or on your body, and I can only assume while wearing my salty & sweet dirty panties. The only toy you decided not to play with is my 12″ long hot pink & glittery strap-on. I’m glad you knew better, Sissy Panty Boy. I would be especially extra angry if I had noticed that a particular tool of domination had been taken out for a ride without my permission.

I have noticed you hanging around my neighborhood.

You know I can smell a Sissy Panty Boy from a mile away. There’s just something about you little sluts. The look you get in your eyes when you meet a true Fem Domme that gives you away. It’s like I can sniff out that boy pussy quivering and getting wet for me the very second we are introduced. I have stopped and said hello to you but you slithered away, now I am realizing probably out of the fear that I would put two-and-two together. You’re the little whore that comes in through the window when I’m not home to play dress-up.

Well, you’ve been busted finally Sissy Panty Boy.

This time you weren’t so smart- you didn’t realize that I had set up cameras all throughout my apartment and now that I have you on film I have the evidence I need to blackmail you to the fullest. Seeing you creeping around my room in a pair of my used pantyhose with my filthy panties strapped to your face was hilarious. I laughed so hard at seeing that pathetic little cock smooched all up in that tight undersized silky nude set of hosiery. You even put on one of my bras and danced around in a wig that you brought with you. This is golden evidence and all I need to force you into submission. You wouldn’t want that sweet wife of yours to find out what you do when you’re supposed to be at work, do you?

I didn’t think so.

Listen up, Sissy Panty Boy. I have you exactly where I want you now. I have the photos and videos on my cellphone which I am ready to post them to every single neighborhood app I have. Oh, and I found your wife on Facebook & I already have the email drafted. Your ass is literally mine, slut. You’re going to regret having those little romps around my room when I wasn’t home. I have a contract all typed up and waiting for your signature, Sissy Panty Boy. It would be in your best interest to sign it. Blackmail is a bitch but you knew going into this that there was a chance you may get caught. Now that I know the truth, I am going to keep you as my personal little slave.

Are you interested to hear what all is outlined in this contract, Sissy Slave Boy?

Call me and let’s go over this entire document together. Be ready to sign all of your freedom over immediately. I don’t give second chances to filthy sissy sluts. Now I have all of the proof I need to out you to everyone. You have that pen ready and are you ready for some taboo phone sex?


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke