My Sissy Maid

Sissy training is always fun, but I think its the fucking BEST when no actual sex takes place.  I’ve a fairly new sissy I have been training and until he gets his basic down, there will be NO jerking off!  I had him order a sexy little maid costume last week.  I can’t fucking wait for him to get it!  Just the thought of him prancing around his house dusting and vacuuming like the woman he wishes he was makes me laugh hysterically.

My boi is so good at his make-up in only the past few weeks!  Its amazing what a “man” can learn when his cum is held against him.  I had him turn on his web cam and practice his make-up, hair, and nails.  I know he hated it at first, but he said he would do ANYTHING to make me happy.  Plus, he said he always wishes he could be a woman… Be careful what you wish for sissy boi!  I’m the type of bitch to hold you to your word LOL!

Friday, we tried on some of his step-daughter’s tight little hoochie dresses.

 My sissy’s clitty was right there for the world to see!  NO NO NO!  Tuck that shit back!  He kept telling me how much he loved the feeling of spandex and silk on that silly clit head.  I couldn’t believe such a manly looking man could so easily be transformed into the fishy queen I had before me.  I also couldn’t get over how well he was pulling off all he had learned.

When he gets his sexy maid costume this week, we will have some more fun!  Not only will we have fun, but his wife wont have so much housework.  I’m sure she would LOVE to thank me!  If only she knew the way to her “man’s” heart was through her daughter’s clothes.


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