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A small Handtowel

A latex glove or condom

A rubber band

A Flashlight

There are two different ways to make this Pathic Cheap Flashlight Pocket Pussy. It depends on how you fold the towel for your Nasty Cock that No one wants to fuck. Both feel unique due to the variant in the canal’s shape. Let’s be real anything would feel better than your hand! Here’s how you do it:

The First Version

Take the towel and Lay it out, Turtle Dick. Fold the Towel long way Make four-inch folds till the end of the towel. About the size of your cock. Place the Latex glove or condom and place it at the edge of the towel. It should only have the base of the Condom or Glove overhanging the towel. Are you following me, Little Dick? Ok then take the Towel and fold it end to end. I’m sure way bigger than you’ve ever seen. Then carefully pull the condom or glove around the edge of the towel.

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Before you fuck it up

Wrap the rubber band around the towel so it holds it all in place. I’m sure your tiny cock is getting hard now seeing your new fuck toy come to life, Right? Well, don’t get too excited and blow your wad. You still have more to do before you can use it fucktard. Take the only pussy you can get and place it in the hollowed-out flashlight container. I know you will want to skip this step because you fuck everything up. However, don’t when you get your little cock excited you don’t want things falling apart. Don’t forget to squeeze in Lube before you use or you’ll get cock burn. But Who would even care. You Will just use your new Pathic Pussy to jack of to some Sissy Humiliation Stories!

The Second Version

Here is what you Will Need

A small Handtowel

A latex glove or condom

Two rubbers band

A Tube About the Size of Your Cock

A Flashlight

I doubt you will follow this. The first version is for lame ass guys that can’t even make cheap pocket pussy’s. However, I’ll waste my time. First Take the Towel and Lay it longways. Again Bigger than you’ll Ever Need! Fold it One time where the ends meet. So it’s folding it in half. I’m sure for such a slow learner like you will need to look at the pictures. Once you look at the pictures. Place the Tube you got, You know the one that’s the size of your cock. You probably need a Lipstick tube right? Place it at the end of the towel with the Rubber Glove and start rolling. Leaving just the edge of the Glove hanging over the edge of the towel. Roll your Pathic New Pussy once around. Which will be really small for you. Then start wrapping your Glove around the Edges of the only pussy you’ll ever get. Making sure the Glove wraps around the towel edges as your roll. There will be more Towel to wrap around the glove after it is all tucked over.

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Kinda how you tuck your cock back like a little school girl. Like you read in your Sissy Humiliation Stories. As hard as it is not to take the rubber bands and tie your balls up. Take them and wrap them around the towel holding it in place. If you even got this far. Now Remove whatever small tube you found. Place this whole Contraption in the hollowed-out flashlight container. Make sure you at least put some lube in the hole. I am sure you went with the simpler instructions. I know your Little dick probably couldn’t figure this one out.

Now you’re ready for some Sissy Humiliation Stories

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