Sissy Girl Pretending To Be Pregnant

Although I can be very dominant, I love giving in to my true sissy side every now and then. During my transition I dated a guy who became my master, he dominated me to the fullest and finally made me his pretty little sissy girl and I loved trying to be more and more feminine for him, to show how much I worshiped and adored him, and how much I wanted to please him.

He knew I was his sissy/fag boy, slut, bitch, and he told me so, but I craved hearing him call me his ‘girl’. He knew this and so one day when he came in from work, I was already dressed as he wanted, (white stockings, suspenders, heels and teddy.) awaiting his arrival.

Without a word he proceeded to tie me up by my hands and feet, and impaled me on his thick 9 inch cock. He fucked me as he pleased for a while, literally picking me up and contorting my body into any position he wanted, making me squeal with pleasure and a little pain when he went really deep. Then he sat back on a chair and sat me on his lap, his still rock hard cock between my little ass cheeks. “Does this little fag boy slut want to be a real sissy girl?” He asked, and I nodded my head yes emphatically. “Tell me.” He said.

“Please my darling Master, my Daddy my everything, this little sissy boy will do anything to be your little girl, whatever it takes, please Daddy?”

He slid his dick back into my ass to the base and stood up, me in his hands, impaled on his beautiful cock. “I’ve decided I want to breed you little today cumslut.” He said, and began to pound me ferociously, effortlessly picking up my whole weight and using me like a fuck toy. I felt his thick shaft harden and a massive wad of cum flooded deep into my ass. He caught his breath while he was still inside me, then began to walk to the bathroom.

He placed me in the bath tub and untied me. I was used to Daddy giving me enemas after he had cum in my little boy pussy, so I assumed to the position on all fours. Master attached the hose and I felt him push it inside me, then the warm water began to flow into me, swishing around, then he pulled the hose out and the cum came out. He repeated this a third time but instead of taking it out when my anal cavity was full, he came around and sat closer to my face while holding the pipe steady. “Keep still and relax, I told you I was going to get you pregnant didn’t I?” He said and I replied “Yes Daddy!”

I felt the water volume begin to increase inside me, it pressed against my prostate, making me erect. I breathed deeply as the pressure grew and grew, I could feel my whole belly swelling enormously, until finally, it stopped. Daddy eased the pipe out of my ass and with a final tug it came out with a little water. Daddy quickly replaced it with his finger and helped me to my feet, then led me to the mirror.

I let out a gasp and a hand flew to my mouth, I looked pregnant!! Not full term but definitely showing pregnant, it was so surreal! I was so happy! I felt like I would burst when he whispered in my ear from behind “You’re my special girl, look I’ve got you pregnant.” While rubbing my belly with his other hand.

He walked me carefully to the bedroom where he made me bend over the bed. He produced a pretty little plug with a large diamond at the base and replaced his finger with it. “Let me see my special sissy girl!” He said, and I dressed in some of my older lingerie and carefully and slowly at first did a seductive dance for him, all while teasing him by talking dirty and rubbing my swollen belly.

He made me keep it in all night as he used my face as a pussy and it wasn’t until the morning he let me ‘give birth’. It was a relief to unload all the pressure, but I felt so good knowing I’d pleased him and I’d finally become his “special sissy girl”!


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