When we left off, I was reminiscing on how much Chad enjoyed watching how the frat boy become a sissy getting pegged. One of my favorite college hobbies became pegging sissy boys. I owe it all to Chad – my boyfriend at the time. I was smitten. He was a tall, strong, self-proclaimed “Alpha male” type. Like I said…I was smitten.

I was also determined. Chad was an Alpha male, but I’ve found that if you have to say it, it’s probably not true. I wanted nothing more than to have him bent over and begging for it.

I Seduce My Alpha Male: We’re One Step Closer to a Sissy Getting Pegged

Chad was going to be a sissy getting begged. I needed to make it happen. I had to work up to it though, otherwise, he’d get skittish and run – like a baby deer. So, I started slowly by teasing his asshole while I sucked him off. Eventually, he let me put a whole finger up his ass while I swallowed around his big cock. Then he asked me to curl my finger while I blew him. I knew I was getting close to getting what I wanted.

I grabbed his hand and led him up to his bedroom because we weren’t allowed to have male visitors in the sorority house. Besides, I wanted him to know he was getting pegged in his space. Once we were in his room, I sat down on his bed. Then, I tugged him close. The makeout session that followed was so hot! I got on top of him and that’s when he asked me to suck his dick while I did that thing with my finger. I grinned because I knew I had him.

“I’ll do something even better for you,” I whispered. His eyes went wide and then he nodded. “Yes?” I asked, and he nodded again. This made me smile. “Beg.” His lips parted. He looked scared. His hard cock told me he was secretly into it. I knew he would get off from becoming my sweet sissy getting pegged.

Alpha Chad Is A Sissy Getting Pegged

We made out and I tugged his pants down. I slid my fingers into his mouth; I told him to be a good boy and suck for me. He obeyed. I smiled as his tongue slid over my fingers. I leaned over and grabbed my purse. “Reach in there.” He obeyed. I grinned. He was holding the biggest strap-on I owned. His face was pale, but his cock was still hard. Honestly, his cock was even harder. I knew it! He claimed to be an alpha male, but he was secretly always meant to be a sissy getting pegged.

I gave his ass a sharp slap and told him to roll over and get his ass up in the air. So, he obeyed. I lubed up the hard silicone cock and then teased his tight asshole with it. He groaned. “You look so good,” I whispered. “You’ve always been a sissy getting pegged deep down!” He protested but then I spanked him again and slid the cockhead into his waiting ass. He groaned again and I told him if he didn’t want all his brothers to know he was a sissy taking it up the ass, he’d better bite down on the pillow. Faux-alpha males always obey!

A Begging Sissy Getting Pegged Is My Favorite Kind of Sissy

I made him beg for it by sliding the hard silicone cock into his ass an inch at a time. There were a lot of inches! This strap-on was ten inches long and thick too – enough to make the best sissy getting pegged whimper and cry. I wanted Chad to cry. That’s how I’d know I’d broken my alpha boyfriend.

When he finally cried out that he needed more, I spanked him. “Tell me what you need,” I ordered. “I need that big hard cock in my ass!” His voice cracked. Chad was desperate for cock and I loved it!

He pushed back onto the strap-on, whining and moaning like a whore. I told him this and then he whimpered again. I was going to make him come from taking a cock up his ass. He was jerking himself off to match my thrusts; I knew he was going to come.

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