What a beautiful day it is! Off work early and on my way home, surprising my boyfriend. He is always saying I need to spend more time with him. Tonight we are getting naughty and having so much fun. I have the cutest new lingerie in my closet. He doesn’t get off work for another hour, and I can get home, change, and waiting on the couch looking super sexy. Little do I know the night will include Sissy Forced Bi Cuckold!

Why is Brian’s car here already? That is strange. Walking in, I hear him in the bedroom, and I am so confused. What the fuck is going on here? Quietly, I tiptoe to our bedroom and peek in through the crack in the door. Oh my God, Brian is wearing my new lingerie and my satin panties! Holy shit, I am dating a sissy boy!

He needs to be punished, and I know just the right guy to do it with Sissy Forced Bi Cuckold!

Quietly slipping out of the house, so he doesn’t hear me, I go to my car. I know a great guy with a huge big black cock that loves fucking sissy boys! He is open to pretty much all things sexual, so I am calling him to come over now! Waiting for him, I am parking away from the house, so Brian doesn’t see me.

My friend Al is here. Pulling up and parking beside me, we get out and greet each other with a huge hug. Explaining the situation, he is grinning from ear to ear. Al starts telling me it has been a while since he fucked a tight sissy. Well then, it looks like my guy Brian is making your day today! Time for some sissy forced bi cuckold.

Heading inside, we are very quiet until we throw open my bedroom door.

Brian is standing there, frozen in all his sissy fag glory. Stuttering, he tries coming up with an explanation, but I stop him. I introduce Al, telling Brian that Al loves fucking sissy boys and that we are having an impromptu cuckold party in his honor. His face is turning white as we start laughing. This is awesome!

Scaring Brian, even more, Al pulls out his huge big black cock. That dick is incredible, and I start stroking him. It is time for us to undress and the party to commence. It only takes a minute for Brian’s shock to wear off and excitement to show up on his face. It turns out; my guy is a closet sissy fag. He is practically drooling over Al’s dick. This is going to be epic sissy forced bi cuckold!

We move to our bed, and I start kissing Brian.

He is whispering apologies in my ear, and I keep on kissing and playing. I explain to him it is okay. Now that I know the truth, we can have fun with it. Al is running his big hands all over Brian’s body as Brian is moaning loudly with glee. My hand is sliding up down Brian’s dick through my satin panties as he leaks precum. He is so excited and ready for the fun.

I look at Brian and tell him to start sucking Al’s huge big black cock. He is quick to do just that. Because it is so big, he is choking as he is sucking his first pecker. Al is giving instructions to help him do it correctly. Brian is using his hands, stroking that huge BBC. I am using one of my toys on Brian, gently teasing his cock, balls, and ass. He is moaning, Oh Molly, thank you!

Al is ready for the big penetration.

He wants me spreading those ass cheeks as he fucks that sissy boy ass. Getting up beside Brian, I spread his ass wide open for Al. Al is lubing up and then gliding that big head up and down Brian’s ass crack. Brian is giggling like a little school girl. What a fucking faggot, I had no idea. Otherwise, I would have had him fucking men long ago! So much to share with you all with cuckold phone sex!

Al is ready and is pushing that huge cock on Brian’s tight asshole. Popping through the sphincter, he is announcing how tight that virgin sissy fag ass is. He has to go slow and is guiding Brian on how to relax and open up for him. Above all, Brian needs to be open, or this hurts bad. Soon, Brian is getting the hang of it, and Al is going deeper in that tight sissy ass.

I have enjoyed Forced Cuckold Incest with my family for years. This is a whole new way of fun! Brian’s ass was hurting for days. I know your dick is getting a hard-on little sissy man. If you want to hear the details or play with us, call me!