Does Your Decoration Stylings Scream Sissy Décor?

Now, you have to ask yourself, if one were to enter a place of residence, and saw these lovely lamps strung about, what would be the impression one would get?  Me, I might think at first, how very ingenious. And then I might think, how very sexy as well – lingerie and support items displayed not only as art but also as functional items. Of course, I might also think this is pure sissy décor.

My mind would take everything in, investigating all I see. I would take a closer look around the premises.  I would notice the frilly, pink throw pillows and how everything is so matchy-matchy. Sissy Décor? Possibly – or just maybe the result of a Metro Man. I would then notice the magazines that have those articles that start with “10 Ways to…”. Hmmmm. And then there were the very sexy high heels tucked under the shay lounge.

Things are definitely pointing to sissy décor.

In the bathroom, I would spy all the lotions and potions, the dirty panties and bras in the hamper, the silky stockings throne over the shower curtain rod.  Then I would find an excuse to rummage through the bedroom.  There I would strike gold – tucked in the nightstand drawer would be an assortment of dildos, vibrators, fun little sex toys and oils that would put even my collection to shame; there would be not one, but two lingerie drawers that would send a panty-boy into a drooling frenzy.  And the little sissy outfits – they would range from sweet and innocent to downright raunchy and slutty.

Looking at all the evidence before me, it would be clear that I am thigh high in extreme sissy décor.

So when you are choosing your décor, you might want to ask yourself, what does this say about me? It might just be screaming, “I’m a little sissy!”

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