My sissy daddy crossdresses for me now!

Sissy daddy crossdresses and tries on mom’s lingerie all the time. It took me a while to actually figure this out! I still don’t know if my mom knows or not, but he’s certainly been rummaging through our clothes for a while. The first time I got an idea of it, one of my favorite new panties had gone missing. Now, of course, I instantly thought my mom had taken them away because they were too sexy. However, I knew where she’d hide them if she had taken something away. It would have been in her bedside drawer or tucked away in her own drawer, or even in the trash. I went looking for it for ages and couldn’t find it. So where could my panties have gone?

After enough brainstorming, I thought of a wild idea. Maybe my dad stole them instead. Perhaps he was the one to decide his daughter wasn’t wearing anything slutty like that and yanked them away. However, I didn’t think he’d go snooping through my things. So, I honestly wasn’t sure if he’d be the culprit after all. My daddy was innocent, and I didn’t suspect him of being such a perv! However, it quickly devolved from there, and I was soon to find out that my sissy daddy crossdresses in my mom’s clothes AND mine, as well!

He caught me by surprise.

One early morning, I thought he was supposed to be at work. Mom was already out at work as well. I was running late to class, but I headed to my mom’s room to grab her mascara since I needed to look pretty for my classes that day. They’d left the door open just a crack, unlocked as always. I swept it open quickly and indiscriminately to find my dad standing in front of their private bathroom mirror, donning a black and pink lace onesie. It was the prettiest lingerie I’d seen in my life. I thought it must have been part of my mom’s collection. The bralette area was so delicate and padded like a push-up, so it almost looked like my dad had tits!

The flowy lace cascaded over his hips and butt, and even though shaped like a man, he looked so feminine and curvy in the morning light. It was so beautiful that all I could do was stare in shock and awe. That’s when I sort of gasped a little, and he saw me in the mirror and freaked out. He gathered his pants from the floor and ran into the bathroom to hide. I freaked out for him! I didn’t mean to scare him. It was a confession I’m sure he wasn’t ready to give: that my sissy daddy crossdresses in women’s lingerie when no one’s home. It seemed like something right out of the fetish phone sex fantasies that I knew my mom would read up on late at night.

They had their kinks.

But this one was their most well-kept of all! I’m still not sure if my mom knows. However, that pretty lace top was not my mom’s size. He wore a top that was perfectly tailored for him. I remember tapping on the door and telling him that it was okay. I thought he looked beautiful. After a moment of shock, he finally stepped out. That’s when I realized he was also wearing makeup. He’d even washed and shampooed his hair so that it smelled like strawberries and coconut, clearly, he’d borrowed my shower products as well. What a bad sissy! If I’d known my sissy daddy crossdresses and borrows all our cosmetics and shower products, I’d have gone shopping with him! After all, he can rely on mom and me to help him pick out all the best clothes and cosmetics for him.

Once he got over his initial panic, the games were on. He started showing me the rest of his collection, and I ran off to grab some of my things. I’d frequently bought a few things online that were a bit too big for me, or too edgy, but might be his style. My sissy daddy crossdresses in all kinds of things. He likes wearing thongs and cheeky panties, bras, bralettes, and even my bikinis! Mom bought him a pair of beautiful black thigh=highs, but the collection needs to grow. What should I get for him next? Since he seems to like when mom gets mad and starts spanking his ass, maybe we’ll get him a lacy thong or something with a bare ass.

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