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My friend Chris came over last night to hang out and catch up. We hadn’t talked much lately so he wanted to fill me in on thing I had missed. Most of the conversation was about his sex life. Chris kept telling me how his girlfriend didn’t know how to please him, and how he wanted more. I asked him several times what he meant when he said he wanted more. The only thing he kept saying was more excitement. Since I couldn’t get a straight answer out of him, I was left to make assumptions.

After a while, I was tired of talking about it. He seemed to be bitching, more than venting. I was pretty much over it, so I decided to give you some excitement. I called my faithful friend Robert over. Robert was a long-time fuck buddy and he was always there for me whenever I needed him. Once he got there and saw Chris and me, Robert already knew what position to play.

He walked over to Chris, pulled down his pants and popped his big hard dick in Chris’s mouth.

Chris didn’t hesitate one bit. He sucked that dick so hard I think I would’ve cum in seconds if I were Robert. As he kept sucking, Robert motioned for me to come over and strip. I took off my clothes and pushed Chris on his back. I straddled his face so he could lick my pussy as Robert mounted me from behind. Then I looked down Chris in his eyes as I whispered to him, ” be a good little faggot and lick his dick while he strokes my pussy.”

Chris went back and forth between licking my pussy and Robert’s dick. Once Robert filled my pussy with cum, I laid on back with my legs in the air while Robert shoved Chris’s face in my pussy to eat his creampie.

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