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My husband has always been a weak little man.  He knows I go and get dick from real men whatever I can.  I only stay with this loser so he can pay all my bills. He’s always been interested in what I do with my dates, and he’s always eager to lick the remnants of my fuckfest out of me!  One night I was looking through his drawers trying to find money I knew he stashed away and found a pair of my panties. The further I dug, the more panties and negligees I found. Then it struck me, my husband wasn’t just a bitch, he was a little sissy cuckold bitch.  

So, I went to work setting up the night of my little panty boy’s life.  I was going to show him what a little worm he really was!! After a while, I found a burly bull who I always loved getting my pussy pounded by!  I went out to the store and bought a cute little pansy dress. I laid it out on the bed and told him I expected him to be dressed pretty by the time I got back!

He was going to be our little sissy cuckold all night long!!

To my surprise, I got a few responses from my little fucktoys who wanted to watch my husband grovel for my pussy!  So I gave all of them our address and told them to just go on in. Meanwhile, I went to the sex store and got a giant 12-inch dildo from the sex shop.  I was going to find out just how much of a little ladyboy my sissy cuckold was willing to be for me!!

When I got back home, I had to laugh watching all my big boyfriends boss my little bitch ass husband around my house.  He was fetching them beers, rubbing their feet, and making them sandwiches. The little fag had a list of things they wanted to be done – and he fucking did it!!  He listens like a little dog getting trained! I was so proud of how well behaved my sissyboy husband was being. When I walked in the door, he came right up to me and grabbed my bags.

Our little sissy cuckold was going to have his world rocked tonight!

I sat on the couch by my favorite big dicked side piece and started making out with him right there in front of my husband.  My husband instantly stopped what he was doing and watched as I pulled my clothes off. I told him to come to stand by us in his pretty little dress and he didn’t hesitate.  He eagerly looked on as all 3 of the guys I invited over, took turns kissing my neck and my tits. I could see his tiny cock pushing up through his little skirt.

My little bitch boy got on his knees while I had a dick in my hand.  He got right to work sucking all 3 of their dicks and making sure everyone was stiff for me. I was impressed by how well he was at cocksucking, he’s had to have done this before!  Once they were all hard, I pulled out the dildo I bought and drop it onto the floor. I told my little sissy to squat down and fuck that giant dick until I told him to stop.

This Sissy Cuckold didn’t hesitate one second!

He started bouncing on that 12 in dildo like a pro while I was getting double dick ed behind and taking a giant cock in y mouth.  He watched closely and attentively, obviously wishing he could have all that cock, too. Then the guy who’s cock was in my mouth, pulled away and started fucking my little lady husband’s face.  The sissy cuckold instantly creamed all over that fat cock!

One by one all my friends started pulling their cocks out of me and let them drain down my little bitch husband’s throat! He loved being our little cum eating, I was very impressed! He gobbled down every drip like the good little girl he was dressed up as! This sissy cuckold loved every fucking second of it, and was so grateful I made him show me how much of a good little fag he was!  I haven’t had to fuck that little bitch since! I just invite some friends over. All he gets is my friend’s cocks and a wife that spends all his money on him!!

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