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One evening I couldn’t help proving my theory correct on how to draw out a Sissy Cuckold Fuck.  My friend Scott and I loved picking up strangers and bring them home.  How lucky they thought they were and actually worthy of my precious time.  (Wicked LiL Laugh) Envision the evening as it plays out, and I compare your three-inch little cock next to a big beautiful cock of ten inches.

There is nothing better than the Sissy Cuckold Fuck who still thinks he is good enough for me to fuck. I laugh, as I lean in to whisper in your ear, “Wishful thinking, your little cock will never  be good enough to fuck my pussy.”  Furthermore, I’m a Size Queen and I demand big dick! My strap on is even bigger than your small pathetic cock. (Wicked LiL Laugh)

Are you comparing your pathetic dick to real cocks and my big beautiful strap on? Can you feel the Humiliation? Does the thought of being taken turn you on and drive you wild.  A cuckold like you enjoys thinking about large throbbing cock stretching my tight little twat and sexy ass. Imagine a beautiful 10-inch cock fucking my hungry little cunt, as you watch.  You will never be man enough to please a woman like me.

Let’s be realistic, everything about this situation turns you on.  How shall I start breaking you in and pushing your limits over the edge?  It’s inevitable you get turned by all this.  Come here my horny cuckold lover I have a worthy hard cock for you to suck and fuck. This isn’t your first rodeo –  you know how to suck and fuck real cock.  Let me assist you in your adventure, as I  force the back of your head down on his waiting cock.   It’s so fucking big.

Don’t worry I know you are a sissy cock sucking faggot and you will do me proud.  Get this done right, as you make sure your lips swallow down the huge monster cock before you.  Scott’s throbbing dick fills your mouth and throat beyond belief.  It’s all so real to you that you can almost taste his wet cum.

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