Sissy cuckold is what I always wanted to turn my boyfriend into.

Sissy cuckold was what I was going to make him. I always thought to see him in a pair of panties and sucking another man’s cock would be so much I didn’t have to do much convincing to make him want to play with me and another man. Erotic sex stories is what this is all about.

Making my boyfriend my sissy cuckold was so much fun!

So one day I invited my friend with a BBC over and told my boyfriend we were going to try something new. I lead them both to the bedroom. I got undressed told them both to take off their clothes too. Now came the fun part. I told my boyfriend he was going to first suck on my friend Alex’s cock and get it nice and hard for me to get fucked with.

My boyfriend although a little hesitant decided that he wanted to please me the best he could so he got down on his knees and placed Alex’s big black cock in his mouth. Sucking on it the best he could he made Alex nice and hard. He actually seemed to enjoy it and licked the precum from the tip of his dick and ate it up hungrily.

A sissy cuckold my boyfriend jumped at the chance.

Then it came time for Alex to climb into bed with me. Saying to my boyfriend to sit in the corner and watch me get fucked by a really big cock. Alex was a good 10” hard and I knew I had to have him please me. With my legs spread wide, he started to rub his cock against my clit. This drove me wild with passion.

Throwing my legs over his shoulders he penetrated me with his huge shaft. I thought I had gone to heaven. Feeling that large rod in my wet pussy was the best feeling I had ever had. As he sat in the corner my boyfriend was stroking his hard cock and watched me get fucked by Alex. He was just as turned on by it as I was.

Soon after he screwed me to no end I shuddered with a big orgasm and that put Alex over the edge. Shooting his big creamy load into my pussy he rolled over and lay down next to me. Not wanting to waste any of his juicy cum I had my boyfriend come over and lick me clean. He was the perfect sissy cuckold.

It was the best kinky phone sex I had ever had and couldn’t wait to play with my friend and boyfriend again. Watch for Part 2 on when I invited a few friends over for my sissy cuckold boyfriend to play with.

The Best Phone Sex!