Heed my every command, bitch.


Sissy crossdressing is for weak little bitch boys like you. Except I have to lay out some ground rules for you. If you want to be my little bitch, you will follow every command I give you. Specifically, I don’t want to hear “I don’t want to” or “Do I have to?” The second you ask those words — you’re OUT! I’m not dealing with you and your fucking crybaby antics. That little “bratty” behavior is not cute, it’s disgustingly annoying. And I will shut you up with a strap-on if I have to. Rather, I’ll escalate it to gloryhole bitch training if you give me too much attitude!

Now that we’ve ironed out the do’s and don’ts and the consequences you will face, it’s time to get to the good stuff. So you want to be my little sissy crossdressing bitch, huh? Well, we’re going for a full makeover transformation. We’ll go beyond kinky roleplay and cover every step.

Step one. Strip down completely naked. I don’t care — boxers and socks, everything must come off. After all, we need to start with a clean slate here.

Step two. Sissy crossdressing starts with the basics! The bras and panties. What shall we pick out for you… PINK! A lacy pink cheeky panty will look wonderful on a sissy bitch like you. And of course, we must match it with a little lacy pink push-up bra. I love the push-ups because they give you some extra padding and it makes you look like you have perky little titties.

Sissy crossdressing is a full head-to-toe session.

Surely you didn’t think I was going to call it quits with the underwear. No. You don’t get to go run off and jerk off like a desperate little bitch yet. We have more layers to add. Till then, you’re under my control.

Step three: the clothes. Let’s add a sexy little miniskirt to the look. Pull it up over those cheeks. Hike it up enough so that when you bend over, you flash your little pink panties at everyone. And of course, we have to add a cute top to show off that perky cleavage. We’re adding a cute white halter top. The white lets the pink bra play ‘peekaboo’ and look like a cute colorful accent.

Step four: the shoes. Sissy crossdressing means you BETTER learn how to walk in heels. I could be a sweet mistress and cut you some slack the first time, right? I could let you wear some cute glittery sandals and call it a day… But I won’t. Fuck you, you’re going to learn to walk in heels. You want to be a girl soooo fucking bad, right? So you’re going to put these pink heels on and learn how to walk in them. Strut, strut, strut. I’ll put youtube tutorials up and make you walk on a treadmill in them if I have to, bitch.

Now the final touches of our sissy crossdressing session…

Step five: accessorizing. Sissy crossdressing isn’t complete if we let you walk out the door like that, are you crazy? Firstly we have to add the sparkly essentials. Then we’ll add a cute little charm bracelet and a cute little Playboy bunny charm necklace. And now we add a purse that matches your outfit. Tuck it between your bicep and forearm, or hang it from your arm if it’s a bigger purse. Now we’re ready for the grand finale.

Step six: makeup, hair, nails. This is all part of the feminization investment. The clothes aren’t enough, you need a bombshell bimbo blonde wig. And then you’re going to strut your stuff to a salon and get your nails done. Some longer acrylic nails should do the trick, pink of course. After that, the next appointment is for your brows and makeup! Finally, they’ll clean those eyebrows up and do your makeup as everyone in the store wanders by and tries not to stare. Isn’t it fun being the center of attention? After all, sissy crossdressing isn’t complete without knowing that EVERYONE is looking at you, sissy.

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