My sub bitch needed more blowjob training.


And gloryhole bitch training was the perfect way to do it. See, I had enough fun with his milking machine domination — I would tie him up and put all kinds of videos up! Sometimes they were cuckold hypnosis videos since I was cheating on him with my hot neighbor now, and I wanted to make sure I programmed him just right. He loved every bit of those videos, but there was an interesting side-effect. Suddenly, he wanted to suck cock too. He wasn’t happy just being the little bitch tied up at home. He wanted to be the little bitch sucking those cocks and savoring the rewards. So I got a little creative. I had grown curious about the sex store I usually visit.

The aisles are full of toys, videos, and all kinds of accessories. But near the back, with all the candles and incense, I noticed there was a series of doors. I waited around there one afternoon, letting curiosity get the best of me. As I shopped and looked “indecisive” about which dildos and strap-ons to purchase, I noticed one guy go in the center door. Upon seeing that, guys trickled into the doors on either side of his room. Guys came and left, and yet the one in the middle still hadn’t left… And when he did, his face was flushed, looking like he had just moisturized. I know a gloryhole bitch training when I see one!

I wanted to take my sub there for gloryhole bitch training.

So I took a quick note of the store’s busiest hours and then I went right home. First, I started training my sub with a dildo. If I was going to feed him to the wolves, he needed to learn how to suck on a cock. For a few days, he lived and breathed “blowjob 101.” I taught him how to stroke and pump them, and how to suck and please them. I even taught him how to work those dildos straight into his throat. After all, if I was taking him for a real gloryhole bitch training, I wanted him to have the basics down. Finally, it was showtime. On the day of the big event, I told him to dress up like a sissy.

No pants, boxers, or regular shoes were allowed. He dressed up like he was ready for a day full of cocksucking. My little sissy bitch wore a white sundress and little pink sandals. He cleverly chose the sundress because “the cum will blend right in.” Creative and eager! We set off for his gloryhole bitch training and I marched him through the aisles like my pet. I opened the door to the small room and stepped in with him. It was a dimly lit room with a monitor hung on the wall. As my little sissy bitch settled in the middle, I used the remote to pull up one of his favorite blowjob bitch hypnosis videos. Within a minute, we heard one of the other doors shut. A cock readily popped through the opening in the wall, presenting itself.

And the gloryhole bitch training began with a big, thick cock!

My sissy immediately knelt before the opening, gazing at that big cock like it was a gourmet meal. He started off his gloryhole bitch training just like I taught him. First with a kiss, a lick, and then stroking it with his hands as he sucked on it. What a good little bitch! He was sucking a stranger’s cock and doing it so nicely. I watched and guided him like our kinky roleplay sessions, sometimes pushing his head down further to make him take the cock deeper into his throat. He gagged and sputtered, turning into a cum-covered mess. Cum dripped down his lips and onto his sundress. It even looked like a “pearl necklace” at the beginning.

And then, when that guy came, another guy took his place. And he serviced that one just as eagerly! But then we heard a sound from the room on the other side. Another cock slipped through the hole, hard and ready for sucking. Suddenly, my sissy bitch was surrounded by two cocks, and he already had so much cum slathered on his face, chest, and dress. He started trying to multitask by jerking one off and sucking on the other, alternating to keep them both satisfied. He was loving his gloryhole bitch training, and so were the countless men that he serviced… What a good cocksucker.

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