I let the machine pump until he was dry.


When my boyfriend found out I was hopelessly addicted to fucking other men, he went on a spiral. He grew addicted to watching porn about it all, and he slowly descended from “boyfriend” to sub. He became my little submissive pet, and all his kinks slowly came out of the shadows. I already knew he was a little submissive sissy, and I loved to cater to his kinks, but now he was fully immersed in them. Once I revealed I was a cheating slut and I loved fucking other men, he turned into a little kink project. I was getting all my pleasure from others, so I had even more freedom to toy with him and explore his favorite fetishes. The first one I dug into was his milking machine domination kink.

I knew he LOVED looking up porn about that. And of course, I knew he liked to borrow my toys sometimes when he was alone. When I let him sleep over and I left home early, I would usually come back to my vibrators being put away differently. Once I caught on, I wanted to fuck with him a little more. So one day, when I left him home alone, I hid all the toys. He slowly started to hint at it while he was texting me, asking if I had reorganized. He wasn’t subtle at all! So I told him to stay put and that I was bringing a little gift for him. When I got home, I ordered him out of the room so I could organize a milking machine domination area for us.

That milking machine domination fucking ruined him.

He obediently waited outside the room as I set everything up. Then, I stripped off my clothes and changed into a sexy black latex leotard, complete with thigh-high boots.  After that, I slowly pulled the door open and let him in. His eyes widened with excitement as he saw what I was wearing. He grew giddy as I ordered him to strip down, and I promptly cracked my whip on his ass. This was the kinky roleplay of his dreams. I was giving him no mercy as I set him down in the chair and strapped him down to the milking machine domination set. First, it was all a wave of submission and pleasure.

He couldn’t even fight me from this position. He was completely naked before me and secured to the chair. Click, click, click — the sound of my high heel boots on the floor as I set up a submission hypnosis video. The girl in the video began to speak, chanting everything he should be thinking. “I love submitting to my Goddess. I belong to my Goddess.” It sank into his subconscious thoughts. “I live to serve my Mistress and do anything she commands. I will obey.” All these affirmations echoed in his head as various milking machine domination porn scenes played on the screen. Then, he felt it, the exciting vibrations from the milking machine as I secured it to his cock. He started squirming in pleasure and anticipation. But before he could even protest, I put a gag over his mouth.

He couldn’t even whine about his milking machine domination.

I didn’t want to hear a word from him, only desperate moans and whines of pleasure. At first, the machine was set to low. I let it stay there for a while. The vibrations and the timed suction feature worked simultaneously to bring him so close to the edge. Any time he looked away from the Goddess worship hypnosis, I cracked the whip against his balls and sent him into a flurry of yips and whines. It was so fun to see him struggle with the milking machine domination.  But it was even more fun to see him grow desperate as it went on. He wanted to cum so badly, but the low setting wouldn’t be enough to push him over the edge.

So, as a good Mistress would do, I gave him a treat for being so obedient. I turned the machine up. Suddenly, the intense vibrations overwhelmed him, and the pump sent him into a euphoric rush. It was like ecstasy to him. And in the middle of his milking machine domination, he finally came. But then he realized a flaw in his plan. He begged to be allowed to cum… but now it was too much. The pleasure, the pumping, the vibrations. All of it continued mercilessly, and the machine held securely to his waist and his dick. I sat there and smiled at him. And slowly, he realized his fate: to be forced to cum repeatedly, overstimulated with pleasure, until his balls ran dry.

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