Sissy Cross Dressing is the best way for your alter ego to escape. Feeling pretty? Dressing and undressing – Finally cross-dressing into a feminized cock sucking little sissy bitch. Your life is about to change in a blink of an eye.  Wel-cum to Raven’s world of Sissy Cross Dressing.

Last night, I spoke with one of my favorite Sissy Cross Dressing boys Jay. Most men, like Jay AKA Jasmine, change their names when taking on their altered personalities. Cross-dressing is not just a physical transformation, it’s also a psychological change into feeling sexy and slutty. Especially when they dress up and turn themselves into my naughty pantie-wearing sluts.

Never the less there’s no holding back. I love completing the transformation with my sissy boi pantie-wearing sluts from start to finish. Last night, Jasmine wanted to be forced into being a cock sucking – man fucking sissy slut. Since I love Sissy Cross Dressing training, I was more than happy to dress him up and pimp him out to complete strangers.

First, I had Jasmine slip into the sexiest and sluttish outfit he could find in his collection. Watching on Skype phone sex always makes the transformation easier and adds to the experience. I love getting a visual and dressing my sissy sluts to perfection. Jasmine selected a very classy yet trashy outfit.

Sissy Cross Dressing

Fetish has its in and out – find out how deep!


His Sissy Cross Dressing transformation was in progress and only getting better. Underneath, he started with a hooker lace black bra, panties, black garter belt, and sheer black thigh highs. Slowly dressing, transforming from a man into a sexy bitch.

My sexy bitch stood in front of the full-length mirror touching himself – running his hands from head to toe. Lingering dangerously over his nipples, as he teased slowly down his tummy.  A wicked smile came from Jasmine’s face as she brushed her hand against his clitty boner.  Peek-a-boo!  What do we have hidden her under the garter and panties?

The Sissy Cross Dressing transformation was almost complete as Jasmine’s black leather mini skirt and sheer white top complimented her figure. Soon she was a fuckable whore, as her look came together with pretty red lipstick. Furthermore, who could resist a slutty fuckable bitch like Jasmine? Finally, I made her strut her sexy ass over to the gay bar down the street. This little slut was going to be her sissy pantie boi debut. I told her “Since you want to look like a slut, you are going to act like one!”

Your Transformation will be one you will never forget!


Gotta love face-time – I continue to watch her on her iPhone as she made her grand entrance. The bar was packed and every head turned as she entered the room.  Jasmine selected her first victim and to the backroom, they escaped.  Without hesitation, she dropped to her knees, as he lowered his pants around his ankles. She then gobbled up his cock like a starving animal.  “What a good little student you are Jasmine,” I whispered in her ear.

Consequently, she was soon deep throating his dick, as she gagged and slobbered all over it. I praised her “You are a good cock sucking faggot. All that deep throating and fucking big black dildo really paid off.” Your Sissy Cross Dressing lesson is making you into a well-rounded slut.

For the most part, her mouth had been raped, I told my Sissy Cross Dressing bitch Jasmine, it was time for her tight little fuck hole to pucker up and be stuffed. “Stretching your fuck hole will be a pleasure.” Simultaneously Arty bellowed as he forced Jasmine down to her knees Jasmine was very eager, to drop to all fours and stuck her ass in the air. Furthermore without hesitation, Arty swirled his big cock head over her tight puckering hole.

Raven’s training will turn you on as you get turned out


Simultaneously pure pleasure came over her face as Arty drilled deeper and harder into her tight man pussy. By the end of the adventure, Jasmine had sucked and fucked her way through the entire bar.  All things considered, every inch of her body, head to toe was covered in wet cum. Exhausted she made her way home.

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Ready to explore Sissy Cross Dressing?


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