I have a sissy cousin

Years ago I’d heard my mom whispering with my dad about my aunt having caught my cousin dressed up in her clothes. My dad called him a sissy a few times over the years, I recall that much. I’d always had that in the back of mind about him but never mentioned it and it was years ago when he was little, so I didn’t think much of it. Well he’s in his teens now and he and his parents came to spend the weekend with us for this family wedding thing we had to go to. He stayed in my brother’s room, since he’s off at college and wasn’t coming back to go to some wedding he didn’t wasn’t to attend in the first place. I was in the wedding party as one of the bridesmaids.

I came home after being out, my parents were already in bed and I saw the light on under his door so was going to say goodnight. The door was still open a crack and I pushed it open and stood there transfixed at what was before me, he was wearing the bridesmaid dress I was to wear the next day! The little freak had the nerve to go into my room and take it and try it on! He didn’t see me come in and I closed the door behind me. I said well, what have we here a little fag freak sissy. He gasped as he turned towards me and looked a bit embarrassed.

gisele cousin sissy

I could see the tent he was pitching under my dress and told him to take it off at once. He sheepishly did so and stood there in a matching bra and panty set and pull up stockings. What a little sissy, standing there with his hard on, at least they weren’t my panties or bra! He said it was so pretty he just had to try it on and admire it on himself. I told him I could see his hard on and he tried to cover his hands over his crotch. I said go ahead, finish what you started and he looked at me wide-eyed in shock.

He sat down on the edge of the bed and started to rub himself through the panties and soon there were glistening drops of precum on his little sissy cock and he made these bizarre squeaking noises as he masturbated, boy, sissies sure sounded weird as they masturbated. His cock was kind of small, as were his balls, and he used his thumb and forefinger on himself and soon his sissy cream shot out onto his pull up stockings he was wearing. I was a combination of fascinated and amused by this little sissy and I knew I had him where I wanted him.After he came his face was flushed probably from coming but also from embarrasment.”My little sissy cousin” I teased him.He tried to remove the cummy stained stockings but I stopped him and insisted that he try on another set of panties and bra and he did. He really looked like a girl from behind.What a sissy! It wasn’t long before his little dicklet got very hard. I made him jack off again and he did ,blowing a fresh load of spunk all over the sexy panties. My father would have been horrified, I’d heard him going on just the other day about him coming to stay here and how he hoped the other relatives wouldn’t pick up on him being a fruit, lol, what a character. The next day was the wedding and it went off without a hitch, I told my sissy cousin I would miss him and I would keep our little secret.

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