Hello Boys…And Sissies!

I was thinking, and the 2nd biggest question I get asked, after “Can I see your cock?”, has to be, “Can you help me become more girly?” and I LOVE to help! I can help you learn everything from make-up to bra stuffing, and wigs to pantyhose- it just depends on how far you want to go!

I have one caller that is having me push him hard. It started with panties and g-strings, I helped him pick some nice silky ones, with lace and frills. He told me he thought he had to go to the hospital, because his boner lasted not just 4 hours, but all 8 at work! He even gave a presentation to his board, and felt so sexy and confident that he said people looked at him with more respect. If they only knew….

We quickly went to camisoles and stockings. He couldn’t believe people didn’t know his black stockings were laced up the back under his slacks. I then talked him through wig shopping on Skype, and made him a Platinum blonde. Same for shoe shopping. I started him with small 2″ heels, so he could get used to walking slowly, but he was a natural and can now strut like a pro in 6″ stilettos. One weekend his wife was out of town, and I talked him through a full makeup tutorial. Foundation, highlighter, eye liner, shadow, lashes and lip-gloss. He looked so fucking hot.

That night I sent him to a video store with glory holes and listened while he sucked cock and got fucked for the first time by a random cock. He was never so happy in his life before!

So, what do you want to be? Want to be like me? Good, all you have to do is ask, and I will help you unleash all those forbidden thoughts and feelings you’ve had covered up for so long and become your true, sexy as hell inner sissy…

Call Me And Let’s Begin!

Alexis – 1-888-538-0629

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