Sissy Boys Love Frilly Panties

Isn’t it funny how so many sissy boys can’t wait to get their hands on a pair of frilly little panties?  Its so cute how they always start out stealing regular thongs and cotton panties, but when they get the frills… Its like opening up the flood gated to their sissy kingdom!  I have even had sissy boys squeal with joy as they put on their first pair.  That is what I would like to tell you about tonight.  One of my sissy popped his frilly cherry tonight!

My oh my, have I been in the mood for sissy boy this week.  One of my favorite lil sissies ordered his first pair of full fledged frilly panties last week.  The wait for them to get to him was almost too much for either of us to bare.   He wanted me to be surprised with what he picked out, so the anticipation had been killing me.

Last night I got the call that they had arrived so we jumped on Skype for the BIG reveal.

He started off his Skype show with his silky pink robe on just to toy with my emotions a bit more.  His happiness was apparent with the bright smile he wore ear to ear.  I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen a sissy boy so happy.  He did a little strip tease for me as he took off his robe.  There they wore, and even more girly than I could have ever imagined.  White lace frills, pink satin ribbon bloomers, and a bright pink bow right above his ass.

He told me his little clitty was throbbing and the feeling of it brushing up against that silky material was driving him wild.  I let him continue modeling his new panties for me and I greatly enjoyed watching him so pleased, but what I really wanted was for my new little princess to make a mess in those pretty panties.  He rubbed, gyrated, and pranced in those panties until the pleasure over took him.

Let’s see your most frilly panties!

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