That sissy bitch knows he can’t please me!

I didn’t know that my boyfriend was such a little sissy bitch until our relationship progressed. The day I found out how small his cock was, was the beginning of a very interesting relationship. Now I had complete control and he did everything I told him to. We were sitting at home and I decided we needed to get out. I walked up to him and told him to get ready. We’re going to the bar to find a big dick to play with.

The moment we walked into the bar the heads were already turning. We sat down at the bar and had a drink. A guy walked up to me even with my boyfriend sitting next to me and asked if he could buy me a drink. I didn’t even bother looking over at my sissy boyfriend and just started flirting with the hot guy next to me. I wanted him. With only a glance I could see the bulge in his pants and that was before he was hard. Looking over to my boyfriend I tossed him the keys and told him he’s driving. He looked confused but didn’t argue. He’s too much of a little sissy to even try to argue with me. It’s not like he had ever won an argument with me anyway.

I took the stranger by the hand and led him to the car.

We both climbed into the back seat while my sissy boyfriend got in the front. I made him watch through the rearview mirror as I pulled the strangers cock out of his pants. Teasing him was always so much fun! I sucked his cock like I was starving for it. The little sissy in the front could hear it all and that just made what I was doing even hotter.

I told my boyfriend to look at how big he was. Making sure to point out the length and thickness of it all, I teased my sissy to the point that I could tell he was enjoying himself. He knows damn well that is baby cock couldn’t please me. I guess that’s why he was perfectly fine with me fucking others because he didn’t want to lose me otherwise.

We pulled up to our house just as I was about to slide my pussy down on it. I was a little disappointed but that just made things more interesting. He looked back at us and I just looked him in the eye and told him that it was his turn now. As we got into the house my sissy bitch headed right for the bedroom. He was preparing himself to suck that thick cock for me. That wasn’t all he was going to get, but that’s another story! I can’t wait to share the rest with you!

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