Sissy boy or not, I can look back and say Rich was sexy and had the look of a God. Only he was a

sissy boy. I had been dating him for a month and wanted to take things slow. I liked Rich a lot and saw the potential for him and me to go places. Then I went to his house unannounced one night and found my way into his room. I was in for a big surprise when I found him sitting on his bed jerking off wearing lingerie.

I was dating a fucking sissy boy…not a man. He had on full stockings a thong and a sheer black baby doll top. He was watching porn and really going to town on his cock. I clicked my heel on the floor to announce I was in the room seeing it all.

He jumped up and stuttered trying to explain what he was doing. I put up my hand to silence him. I felt fucked over I wanted everything about him until I saw this. How would he fuck me like a man dressed like that? I walked over and turned the porn off.

“You tricked me, Rich. I really thought you would be that guy who could fuck me like an animal, yet here you are more girly looking than me!” I said. “I can fuck you like a man, I just…well, I like women but I also like men. Never tried a guy…but I love how sexy female stuff is too.” Rich countered.

I told him to show me. Prove he could give me what I wanted. He took me by the hand and yanked me down onto the bed. My clothing was shed and I found myself very turned on. The outfit he wore wasn’t a distraction in a bad way either. I was turned on. He licked my pussy better than a seasoned lesbian. His tongue was skillful, his mouth greedy.

I ground my hips hard into his mouth and had my first orgasm.

Before I could even recover his cock found its way into my mouth. He was forceful and demanding. My mouth and throat burned from how hard he fucked my face. He slapped at my pussy to keep it nice and sensitive.

Once his cock was hard enough, he took me by my hair and told me to get on all 4’s like a bitch in heat. He yanked at my hair harder and slapped my ass to hurry up. His cock slammed hard into my drenched pussy. My pussy contracted hard around his cock. “I might look like a sissy boy, but I know how to fuck Jordan,” he said with an angry voice.

I cried out how sorry I was and begged him to keep going. He pulled out to the tip and teased me. He wanted me to beg. Then he even asked me to beg for his sissy boy cock. Which I did. I begged like a little bitch. His shaft rammed back in full hilt over and over. I squirted all over his stockings. Just as he took his own release.

I guess I learned you should never assume that a sissy boy can fuck pussy as good as a man’s man!

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