I’ve always known what I was.  The prick between my legs may say one thing, but I knew I was never meant to have it.  I’m a sissy boy, owned by the beautiful Miss Aly.  
 Sissy boy is now what I know myself as. I’ve dreamed of soft lace and silk that kiss my skin, of looking in the mirror after Miss Aly has given me a lesson in how to apply makeup and seeing the real me. Nothing more than Miss Aly’s little pet that she can tease in some many different ways.  
I am a sissy boy and I fantasize daily of going on a special shopping trip with Miss Aly.  One where she won’t let me or anyone else forget exactly what I am.  She’d make sure I was in a cute pair of panties and a bra, but we’d go out with me dress like the world expects.  That’s when thing get interesting.  Our first stop would be at Victoria’s Secret to pick out some new items.
She knows how much I love polka dots so while perusing the selection she would inform the sales girl that anything we were looking at was for me, introducing me with my real name that only she knows.  My cheeks would burn with embarrassment and right there in front of the girl Miss Aly decides to show her just how much she owns me, taking a collar out from her back pocket, putting it around my neck with a wink.
From there we would leave for the salon where we would both be pampered.  Miss Aly would once again make sure that they all knew exactly what I was by telling the girls what color to paint my nails and how they should be done. Not that the girls wouldn’t know the second they rolled up my pants to reveal my shaved legs.
Out of Miss Aly’s purse would come a blonde wig that she would make me wear as we relax.  From there we go straight to the bathroom where she does make up, strangers only seeing me as a tomboy now because of my clothes, but we are far from done.
She knows exactly what her sissy needs.  A little black dress with strappy heels to show off my toes.  Off to the stores where she has me try on dress after dress, gathering a small crowd of sales girls as they search for the right one.  She has more plans for me when we’re done.  Shopping is the easy part for me. She wants to show me off once I’m complete, wants to teach me how to get the boys attention, even if it is only to tease because I am a sissy boy.