Your Sissy Boy Transformation

You walk around all day like you’re the man. But I know what you are; a Sissy Boy that needs to be broken in. It’s time for your Sissy Boy transformation. I’m going to turn you into the sissy slut you were born to be. We all know that you’re too weak and ineffectual to satisfy a woman. You walk around like you’re swinging a big dick when there is just a tiny clitty between your legs.

Tonight I’m going to get you out of those boy’s clothes and transform you the Sissy Boy you were born to be. You’re going to wear panties, a bra, and stockings like a proper lady. Don’t think that your transformation stops with a pair of panties. Once you’re dressed, I’m going to take you to my dungeon and pop your Sissy Boy cherry.
In my dungeon, we’re going to unleash your inner cum whore. You will get on your knees and allow my guests to use your holes and hands any way that they see fit. They aren’t going to stop until every cock and cunt in the building has been satisfied. I’m going to send you home broken, busted, and covered in cum. When I’m done with you, you will never be able to deny that you were born to be a Sissy Boy.

I am going to send you home to your wife and kids covered in cum.

No one will ever be able to deny that you were born to be a cum bucket. By the time I’m done with you, you will be calling me daily begging for me to supply you with more cock and cum. Before you know it you’ll be offering your Sissy Boy pussy to your friends, neighbors, and strangers alike. Anyone that can give you the hot, creamy loads you crave. Don’t look surprised. You’ve always known you were destined to become a Sissy Boy slut. You just needed the right mistress to bring it out of you.

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