Something about a sissy boy in my panties gets me so hot!

Marco looked shy as his young naked body stood before me. His smooth balls were poking out the sides of my satin pink thong. His hands were still holding the bulge from his dick. I smiled. I couldn’t wait to turn my baby brother into a little sissy boy.

“You like how my panties feel on you?” I asked. He nodded but didn’t look at me. “Dance for me.” He just stood there and stared at me. “Come on, let me see that ass shake!” I turned on the radio so he would loosen up a bit. It worked. He began to slowly rock his hips, letting his little dick bounce around in my panties.

“There you go! You like my panties, don’t you?” He nodded again, smiling and looking at me this time. “What do you think of these panties?” I pulled my skirt down so he could see my white cotton hip hugger panties. His eyes got wide and he stopped moving. I giggled and removed my shirt, then I walked closer to him so we were both standing there in nothing but my panties.

I stood behind him in the mirror, reaching my arms around the front of his body, letting my breasts rest on his shoulders. Looking at him through the mirror, I traced my hand down his hairless chest to the twitching bulge in his panties. He gulped hard as I traced my fingers along his rock hard cock through the smooth, satiny fabric. His face was beet red as I tickled his bare balls.


Wanna be my sissy boy?


I turned him to face me. “Wanna wear these?” I motioned to the panties I was wearing. He nodded. I took his hands and looped his fingers in the waistband of my panties. “Go ahead. Take them off.” He hesitated just for a moment before eagerly pulling my panties down to expose my bare pussy in his face. I stepped out of the panties when he got to my feet. “Now, what do you wanna do with those?”

He sat down on the bed, holding my white panties up to his face and inhaled deeply while stroking on his dick. I stood in front of him and started rubbing my tits and pussy while he played with himself. I danced slowly and seductively, turning over to stick my ass in his face while I Watched him jerking harder in the mirror.

“You like your big sis’ ass, don’t you?” he was breathing hard now. I had no idea Marco was such a sissy boy but I couldn’t get enough of it. I turned back to face him, pulling his hands off his dick and looking in his eyes. His dick was throbbing.

I sat down next to him on the bed, took his hand and guided it between my legs. His whole body convulsed forward the second his fingertips grazed my wet pussy. I looked down and saw my panties that were stretched over the tip of his dick were starting to get dark. A little wet spot started growing, and I knew he had cum in my panties without even touching himself.


He busted his load all over my panties as soon as he touched me.


Giggling, I stood up and got dressed. “Now, don’t ever come in my room and touch my fucking stuff without my permission again. Understood?” he was taken aback but nodded fervently and ran out of my room, still wearing and holding my panties. I decided then that I would make Marco the best damn sissy boy there ever was!


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