Sissy Boy

For most sissy boy faggots, coming out is a nightmare.  Little do they know they have been figured out a long time ago.  One of my little sissy boy faggots came out to his parents recently and gave me a call tonight to tell me all about it.  I have to admit that I was beaming with pride for this newly liberated sissy boy.   Too bad he didn’t get to come out as he had planned, but everything worked out in the end.  Let me tell you the a forced coming out party.

  He calls me all the time wearing a pair of his mother’s panties.  He loves her dirty one the best.  Freshly stained with his father’s cum, he slips into those panties and begs to be fucked.  He can feel the warm wetness of the cum on his little clitty and makes him throb.  Just thinking about the hot load of cum in his mom’s pussy is enough to send him over the edge.  Oh, how jealous he is and wishes it was him getting his man pussy full of a hot load.

It was my day off and sissy boy faggot decided to have some play time alone.

 He went into his mother’s hamper as he did many times before.  he put on her dirty panties and went to his room.  They felt so good, so silky, so naughty.  He had his dildo in his ass and he was begging to be fucked like the little faggot he is.  Just then, his bedroom door swung open and his father was standing in the doorway.  He said he was damn near in tears in embarrassment, but came so hard with his father standing right there.

After the initial shock wore off, his parents decided to have a talk.  He told them he has gay thoughts all the time and they just laughed.  Sissy boys always think they have everyone fooled.  Everyone already knew he was a faggot…

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