Sissy boy was caught and fucked by Daddy!

Sissy boy and I went back to our house, luckily our parents hadn’t heard of the chaos that was unfolding while they were at work. I wanted him in total shock for what was going to happen, but like I have said “If he wants to be a sissy boy, I’ll make him a real sissy.”  He was waiting patiently in his room for what was coming next.

I walked into his room with my Strap on. He looked at me like I was crazy! I chuckled, as I was stroking my strap on covered in lube. His legs were shaking with excitement! I knew it was going to be a great day at this point. He was now my bitch. He was now going to be my little fuck toy. He was going to do what I wanted because I wanted it, and it was that simple.

I told him I wanted him to suck on my big 11 inch strap on, and he did exactly what I told him to do! He sucked that dick and loved every second of it, his baby cock grew to its total of 2 ½ inches! I couldn’t hold it in any longer; I let out a loud laugh at his sad excuse for a cock! He sucked my real cock until he was about to cum, I told him NO and ripped it out of his mouth. “Bend over Sissy Boy!” I yelled.

He did as I said bent over on all fours, doggy style. I grabbed the tip of my strap on cock and began to slide it into his tight asshole! He jumped and accidentally slid down my huge strap on! He screamed like a girl! It was exhilarating! I told him to bark like a dog for me! So he was on his hands and knees, taking my strap-on and barking like a dog…

As soon as he started barking our dad ran into the room! “What the FUCK is going on?!” he shouted, “what is going on in here I want to know, and I want to know NOW!’ I looked at him stunned that he was actually upset over his son taking a cock in his asshole? But, not that he was a damn Sissy Boy?! Dad came around the bed, and pulled my cock out of Sissy Boys ass, unzipped his pants and whipped out his big juicy cock and started to fuck sissy boy himself!

I was so excited that I wasn’t the only one who thought it was wrong for Bryan to be dressed like a girl, going into my room to steal my panties, and having such a baby dick! Our dad was ramming him yelling “This is what happens when you want to be a damn girl! Your sister’s panties are on the ground so you must have been wearing them again! Huh? What did I tell you bitch?! Next time you were going to have to pay that price!”

Daddy was giving it to him, and I was cheering him on! “Get it Daddy! Don’t hold back now! Hahaha” I was so excited! Daddy was ready to cum and didn’t want to cum in his little sissy asshole, so he ripped his dick out of his ass and started fuck his face. Cum was exploding from Daddy’s dick! It was so hot! And then, the little sissy came, all over his bed! I laughed! He was such a pussy! Who cums from swallowing a grown man’s cum? My sissy brother! That’s who! “Clean yourself up!” Daddy yelled at him.

Daddy and I were waiting down stairs for the lil sissy, and that’s when I remembered, I took his phone and sent all of those emails! Oh shit! I grabbed his phone from my purse; it had 17 missed calls from BOSS. 19 missed calls from Corporate. Sissy Boy came down to us and sat on the couch, I tossed him his phone, and said “Better call your boss!”

If you want to know what happens when he calls his boss, give me a call and I’ll tell you all about it! 😉 It was such a good day for me and Daddy that day!

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