Sissy Bitch Training: She Is So Proud Of Her Nine Inch Heels

Sissy Bitch Training: Are you ready for the next step? I am taking new clients who love to share a side of themselves that only I know about. I dive deep into the part of a man that he tries to control but needs to release. Maybe you just started off with a Panty Fetish? But now you need more.
There is nothing in the world that will make you feel freer than a Skype session. You see, when the camera’s on, you can’t lie to me. There is no way you can tell me that you are playing dress up if you’re not. I am the kind of Mistress that demands complete devotion.
Take Tiffany for example. Until the camera is on, you would never know that he is a little sissy. Sure, he hides the female side of him in a box, but we both know that he lets loose when he performs for me. It’s something we are working on together, and I won’t stop until he is my Sissy Bitch 24/7. Dressed in panties, and 9-inch fuck me heels, this bitch knows what he wants. I can’t help but giggle a little when he prances around the room like a whore on a stroll. My bitch is a bad bitch.

Sissy Bitch Training in the privacy of your own home.

My dirty little bitch wants nothing more than to be a real girl. One with tits, and a pussy that craves cock. He does have his own version of a pussy though. My strap-on twitches each time he bends over and shows off that tight little rosebud. Though my goal is to fuck that mangina, there is nothing like a blow job to get it wet. Don’t forget to put on some crimson red lipstick. I like to see the tracks of where your cock sucker has been.
My sissy training for Tiffany is only a start for that little bitch. I know how he twitches and begs to have my strap-on dildo in his ass. It’s cute the squeals and moans that come along during a transformation session. I take what appears to be a man, and drop him down to the biggest whore on the block. Asshole twitching, mouth-watering, and his body begging for sin. Remember girls, there is never a taboo, and nothing is off-limits with me. I can’t remember the last time I’ve had this much fun during a call. Tiffany is coming along splendidly.
My sex toys are waiting for your session in sissy training.
Are you willing to place yourself in my hands? We can do it on the phone, or via Skype, but I do expect you to be a bitch for me. From the stockings and panties to the heels, this will be the best day of your entire life. Never again will you seek another. Not when I am the perfect Mistress for all your crossdressing needs.
No matter what type of Sissy Bitch you are, I know what you need.
Call me now for some hot taboo phone sex!