How I Turned my Teenage Son into my Sissy Baby Girl

I have a very close-knit family.  Love each other fiercely and unconditionally. And we would do anything for each other. So yes, I have to admit, I used that bit of loyalty to my advantage. Some would say shamelessly. But the fact of the matter is, I’ve yearned for a little girl of my own. But since I’ve only been blessed with boys, I figure the next best thing would due. And that next best thing? That would be a sissy baby girl of course! And I’ve decided my teenage son would fit the bill. Now before you judge, let me explain…

You see, Johnny (my 15-year-old son) had known how sad I had been because I was never able to have a baby girl. Someone I could dress in pretty things, gossip about boys with, and pass on all my beauty secrets to. After much thought, I devised a plan that would show my boy how he could make me feel better.

I had went shopping all day, and it must have been kismet because I was able to find everything I needed for my new little girl. I was so excited and could not wait until he got home from school. Of course, I just hoped he sees it as an opportunity to make his mom happy, and not a form of sissy baby punishment. Not that it would change the final outcome.

I knew that soon I would have my sweet little sissy baby girl.

Three o’clock he will be walking through the door any moment now, I thought to myself with anticipation. “Ah, there he is!”

Walking into the house, he greeted me with a happy “HI MOM!”

“Hi, sweetheart! How are you? I’m so glad you’re finally home!” I replied.

“How was your day Mom?” He asked me.

“Well, you know how sad mommy has been with not being able to have a baby girl?”

He put his head down as the smile slowly left his face.  “Yes, Mom, I know,” he mumbled under his breath.

“Well, I have a great surprise!” I said with great enthusiasm.

“You do, what is it?’” The smile came back to his face and his eyes were all bright with anticipation.

A smile crossed my face as I realized that my family sex story plan would soon come to fruition

I grabbed him by his hand and led him into my bedroom.  On my bed were all kinds of girly things laid out.  Diapers, wipes, lotion, bottles, pacifiers, a purple dress with matching socks and ruffled panties, white little shoes, a purple bow and some bracelets, and a hula hoop and a dolly.  He looked down at all the things laid out on my bed with surprise.

“Are you going to have a baby girl, Mom?” he asked with much curiosity.

“Yes, YOU!” I exclaimed.

“What???” he questioned in disbelief, his head shaking back and forth as the panic started to spread across his face.

“Yes, Honey, you know how depressed Mommy has been, and you don’t want Mommy to be sad anymore do you, sweetie? “

“No, mom, bu..bu…bu…buttttt…” He stuttered feebly.

“Oh yes, you know how much Mommy does for you all the time – making sure you have the latest and best gaming systems? Not just the newest Nintendo Switch™ game system, but also BOTH the Xbox One, and the PlayStation 4Pro? And let’s not forget you always have the latest new smartphone, shall we? Now it is your turn to do something for Mommy, and you will now be my little baby Janey!”

My soon-to-be sissy baby girl just stood there, dumbfounded.

I gave him a moment then said, “Now don’t worry. You will have everything a sweet sissy baby girl will ever need! Just wait until you see how I transformed your bedroom into a sissy baby girl’s dream nursery!! Mommy always knows how to give her little one the very best!”

I could see the wheels turning inside his mind. Trying to figure a way out of his dilemma. But he knew his mom. Furthermore, he knew that there would be no way of changing his fate. I smiled at him, knowing this was just the beginning of his sissification.


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