Sissy Baby is ready for mommy to show her off.

Sissy baby ………. come into your nursery with mommy so we can get you changed and ready to start our day, I told you.  That cute little smile you give me each time I tell you it’s changing time just melts mommy’s heart. I love that you are my sissy baby and that all your needs and wants get taken care of by me. And I adore showing you off and telling all my friends about you too. There’s nothing better than to have a sissy baby to take care of always.

Hop up on that big changing table that mommy had made especially for you! And everything mommy needs to change you is right in reach so I don’t leave you unattended to roll off the top! With nice soft diapers and warm wipes, lotion and powder, you’ll never ever have a nasty diaper rash! Mommy will always make sure that wittle bottom is nice and clean. And sissy baby, you know mommy loves for you to make pee pee and poo poo’s in that diaper. No potty for you! Mommy doesn’t care how wet or stinky you get I want to be the one who cares for you.

Do you see that pretty pageant dress hanging over there, and the matching frilly diaper cover? That’s what mommy is going to dress you in today! Along with some pink pretty bows for your hair, some lace topped socks for those cute little footies and some white Mary Jane shoes to top off my Sissy Baby outfit for you! Let’s make sure not to forget your diaper bag along with you ba ba and binky!  I love seeing you toddle around with that pink binky in your mouth, watching your diaper peek out the top of your diaper cover as you smile at mommy and all the people watching you. Just like a sweet little girl that mommy loves you to be. Are you ready for your outing now? You’ll never guess where mommy is going to take you and show you off!

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