He wasn’t particularly lucky. Usually, any man would be lucky to find himself kidnapped by sirens and then used as nothing more than a fucktoy.. but I wasn’t one of the nice ones, and neither were the girls in my family. We kidnapped him right from the boat, taking him all the way down to the caves at the bottom of the sea – where he could actually breathe. And from there, it was all hell for him. We tied him up before he could even struggle out of our grasp, using old leather straps and a few chains from passing ships.
We were kissing and licking all over his body, getting a taste of how badly we could tease him before he was begging us to do something about it. My hand was lingering around his cock, giving it a little stroke from time to time to see if he’d give me a reaction.. and after enough touching and teasing, the sex slave was begging for us to give him a little release. He’d regret that decision.
I was the first to climb on top of him, kissing all the way down his chest and letting his cock slight right into my pussy; I squeezed down around it and started grinding my hips against him, milking him, bouncing on it from time to time, and letting him enjoy the feeling of finally getting fucked. But we didn’t let him cum – if we felt him getting close, I’d get off of him, the girls giving it a light slap to discourage him from cumming too quickly. And then another girl would get on and tease him, ride him, fuck the hell out of his cock until she came – but we kept making sure that he wouldn’t. After a while, we had to shorten how much time we spent teasing..or he’d finally get the release he wanted to badly. He was trembling under our touch, begging, and trying to get his load out by fantasizing for a while – but we wouldn’t let him. We smacked him back to reality when we needed to, squeezing his balls a little to give him just enough pain to stop.
The sex slave was in for one hell of a game – how long could we continue the tease, fuck, and denial before he went insane?

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