Sir gives me the punishment I need

Sir and I don’t live together, and we both lead very busy lives, so I’d been texting him a lot. I’m a sassy sub, and I was trying to see what would happen if he got mad. I found out, Sir doesn’t really get verbally mad, he just keeps a mental note of the fact that I’ve earned a punishment. Found this out today.

I walked in the front door of his apartment, and he was already wearing this devilish grin. I knew that grin meant trouble. He spun me around and pushed me against the back of the couch, grabbing both my hands in his big warm hands, then tying my wrists together with soft rope.

“Seems to me, Summer, that you think you can do whatever you want,” he growled in my ear.

“You’re not in charge,” I told him, gasping as I felt his breath against my ear.

He grabbed me by my arm and started pushing me towards his bedroom. We get to the bed and he pushes me to the point where my shins are pressed against the side of the mattress, then yanking my tank top off and grabbing my perky breasts roughly. He pinched my nipples at the same time until I squealed, then grabbed my throat and bit my ear gently, before pushing me over the bed and grabbing his paddle out of his nightstand. Sir wasn’t thrilled with me.

Sir punishes girl

“Who’s in charge?” He asked, swatting my left ass cheek hard with the paddled. I groaned deep in my throat but didn’t respond. He started spanking me hard, alternating cheeks until my whole ass was bright red and burned hot.

“You didn’t answer me…Who’s in charge here?”

“You are,” I said as his paddle made contact with my ass again.

“Call me Sir”

“You are Sir,” I said as he stopped spanking me, ripped off my thong and pushed my skirt up around my waist, thrusting his hard throbbing cock deep into my tight wet cunt. I moaned through gritted teeth as he stretched and filled my soaking wet little pussy. He wrapped his hands in my hair, “Tell me how much you love my hard cock inside you,” he groaned in my ear as he thrust into me hard.
“I love your cock inside me, sir, it feels so good!” I cried as my pussy clamped around him and I came hard on this throbbing dick. He grabbed my hips and thrust a few more times before filling me with his seed.

“You’re not going to sass me like that anymore, are you Summer?”

“No, Sir.”

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