I look so sexy in my Pantyhose and men just can’t take their eyes off my long lean legs when I’m wearing them.

It’s so obvious that they want to slide their hand up my leg, feeling the Pantyhose slip under their fingertips as they go higher. I shiver just thinking about it and part of me wants to feel it over and over again.

I grabbed a new pair of sheer Pantyhose and put them on slowly, the fabric covering my legs snugly. Then I touched myself a bit then put on a short dress that will show my legs off before heading out to a bar. I leaned against the counter, jutting a hip out and drawing attention to my legs as I tried to look bored. It only took a few minutes before a hottie came over and bought me a drink.

 He sat way too close to me, I think he did it so could touch me and not have anyone notice because I felt his fingers brushing under the hem of my dress. We got to know each other a bit and I asked him to take me somewhere quieter. He drove us back to his place and I lifted my dress up so I could rub my pussy through the Pantyhose on the way there.

He kept sneaking looks at me and whenever we stopped at a red light he reached over and had a bit of fun with me.

 By the time we got there my pussy juices were soaking through the Pantyhose and we quickly went to the bedroom. I took everything off except my pantyhose while Shawn got naked and we kissed and touched each other as we fell on the bed. I rolled him onto his back, straddling him as he looked up at me. Then I put my hands on my knees and slid them up, stroking myself as I went up to my pussy.

 I pushed a finger between my lips and the roughness of the pantyhose made me moan as I ripped a hole into them. I made it big enough for him to fuck me and guided his dick in, my juicy pussy stretching around it. When he was in deep I stayed still for a minute and clenched my muscles rhythmically around his shaft as his hands went up to my thighs and to my ass.

 He stroked and rubbed the Pantyhose, playing it over my skin as I began to ride him.

I went up and down slowly, rolling my hips as I braced myself on his stomach. My legs slipped on the sheets as I gradually went faster and they felt cool under me. He cupped my ass and urged me on as he pushed upwards, forcing himself in deeper.

I closed my eyes and focused on my pussy; it was so wet and my clit was aching so bad. My tits were bouncing and I could feel his fingers squeezing my cheeks. I heard myself doing little cries and his dick ripped past my pussy walls as I went harder on him. My pussy was throbbing and my clit was sending sparks through me until I tensed up. I came and leaned over him as he kept moving inside me. As I started to calm down he swelled in me and came with a groan.

 I eased my way down, keeping as much of my body on him as I could while lying beside him. He held me close as cum leaked out of me and I rubbed my pantyhose covered leg over his, wondering if he’d be up to go again soon.

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