Silky Panty Fetish, even girls love them too. I Love Panties

There is nothing like slipping on a pair of silky, satiny panties to make a girl feel real. The softness of the fabric against my pussy always gets me instantly wet – ready to beg for cock. So when Mr.B said he loved panties I couldn’t wait to play with him and his silky panty fetish.

I came home after a long day and who was waiting for me with a beautiful gift bag-Mr.B. ” I bought this for you Saige .” I grabbed the bag from his hand quickly. Then I ran up the stairs to at a time.

I removed the tissue paper to reveal a beautiful piece of lingerie. It was a pink satin babydoll with matching bra and panties I was so excited to wear it for Mr. B. I knew that whatever happens after it would be so much fun. I ran back downstairs to find Mr. B sitting on the living room couch. He smiled while widely and I smiled back. He spoke to me softly

“Come here Saige it’s time time to play.”

I obliged him. I did my sexiest strut toward him he smiled even bigger. Finally, I reached his lap and slowly slid my body against his. “Saige I want you to take this baby doll off. I want to see  how you look in the bra and panties I bought you.” Then I slide my baby doll off and rub the satiny fabric against his skin. Could feel his cock growing in his lap.

I rub the baby doll against his face and then dropped it to the floor. began to grind my pussy against his lap. ” Help me take my pants off” I did as he asked then he smiled at me seductively. “Why don’t you slide your satiny covered pussy against my cock.” He moaned as my panties got wet. ” Let’s just slip this to the side. So I can slide my cock in your wetness-fuck you while the silk strangles my cock.” I was so excited. He looked at me and began to fuck me relentlessly I couldn’t take it seconds later he pulled his cock out and blew his load all over my beautiful pink satin panties.

Do you like panty play?

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