Sibling sex stories – I love doing taboo phone sex calls with Anna. She and I love being sisters & playing dirty!

Sibling sex stories most often about a horny brother and sister. A client called and asked for lesbian phone sex but with a twist.

Anna and I were home alone and she was supposed to babysit me. Jack, Anna’s boyfriend at some point came over.  Of course, I went looking for her and heard loud moaning coming from her room. Being that I am the annoying young sister, I walked in to ruin their fun.

“Aly! What the fuck are you doing just walking in my room?” Anna asked me. “Mom is gonna be pissed you let Jack in while she’s gone!” I countered.

Sisters, step sisters it doesn’t matter. Sibling sex stories make the best taboo role plays!

Jack whispered into Anna’s ear an idea. “Tell you what Aly, I’ll show you what I was doing if you promise not to tell mom.” She said. Jack took me by my hand and yanked me onto the bed.

“I dare you to lick her pussy babe. She’s only your step sister” Jack said. She gave a wicked smile and held my legs open. Her tongue snaked between my pussy lips and worked my tiny clit. A deep throb pulsed between my legs. She slowed down and started to tease my clit just before I came.

“If you wanna cum Aly, say you won’t tell mom!” She cooed. “Okay, please! I won’t say anything, just please don’t stop!” I begged. One finger slipped into my pussy and worked my G-spot without breaking my virgin barrier. My orgasm coated her mouth in a sticky sweet mess.

Anna sat her pussy onto my face and told me to lick her pussy just like she did. My mouth ate her pussy without rhyme. Jack rubbed his cock on my clit to make me cum again while tongue fucking Anna. Sure enough, she took her own orgasm.

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