My Sibling Sex Stories always surround their husbands!  When my sister Gabriella married Tim I knew I was in trouble. Tall dark and handsome; he was just the type of man to get me wet just by looking at him. Judging from the looks he was sending me during the reception, I knew he felt the same way.

Now understand, Gabby is my younger sister, and I love her, but she can be a real bitch. Less than a month after the wedding, she took off on a cruise without Tim. A few weeks of alone time is what she needed. The night she left, Tim showed up at my house and said “Joey, I’ve wanted to fuck you from the moment I saw you.”

Pulling me close to him, he gave me a sexy kiss before throwing me down to the floor & slamming his huge cock deep into my tight, tiny pussy. Fucking me faster than a piston in an engine, it wasn’t long before I was squirting all over my brother-in-law’s turgid cock. I gasped as I felt his hot, slick cum fill up my pussy and dribble out down my thighs.

Taking his still hard cock out of my cunt, he grabbed the back of my head and shoved his man meat all the way down my throat. The mixture of his cum and my juices was intoxicating. For the next 12-days, we fucked with total abandon, morning, noon and night. So, when he finally left to pick up my sister at the dock, I was kinda happy. 12 days of Tim and I needed the vacation!  

I can’t get enough Oral Sex with him.  Wonder how long we can keep this UP? Or, What To Say During Phone Sex? Call 4 Dirty Sex Stories.