Sibling sex stories, Got caught by daddy, so he punished us!

Sibling sex stories, We got caught by daddy so he punished us! I was masturbating in my bed, moaning as I was about to cum when my little sister popped her head up and asked what I was doing. I showed her how I was rubbing my pussy and told her it feels really good. My sister climbed up on to my bed and laid back exposing her little 8-year-old pussy and started to rub it just like I was. I directed her on how to rub herself just the right way and soon I had her moaning. Looking at her little chest heave I couldn’t help it I went down on her licking her tiny little clit.

My sister started to make a lot of noise. That is when I heard footsteps by the door. Daddy opened the door all of a sudden to find me tongue deep in my little sisters pussy. Daddies face went from angry to curious and he came into the room very quiet and closed the door behind him.

I thought he was going to yell at me but I never thought he would do what he did next. I was still bent over my mouth hovering above my sister’s tiny little cunt, my ass partially in the air. He got behind me I still remember the sound of his zipper coming undone. He leaned forward I could feel his cock pressed against my ass. Daddy whispered in my ear “Take a deep breath and don’t make a sound”. Putting his hand over my mouth I felt him thrust his cock deep inside me.

Sibling sex stories, Punished by daddy!

I wanted to cry out as daddy moved in and out of me. His hips grinding and moving against me. I felt his body shiver and he held himself deep inside of me. Warm thick liquid started to drip out of me mixed with my blood from him taking my virginity.

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