Sharing my Sibling Sex Stories is one of my favorite pastimes. Over the years, I have grown a lot wiser, as to what to expect from men,   Let’s face it, my expectation of men has grown a lot smaller.  (Wicked LiL Laugh) No Pun Intended. Everything appears a lot bigger when you are a little girl.  Now the truth all comes out…especially when it comes to my brother and his friends.

My brother has a big beautiful cock.  There’s no doubt about the size of his cock.  We would play hours day and night.  Playing together always came very easy.  I could make my brother do anything I wanted.  Especially when my young little hands and lips were wrapped around his cock.  I learned how to suck and fuck at a very young age.  I also learned how to manipulate men at a young age.Now his friends on the other hand…

Now his friends on the other hand…LOL  Most of his friends had tiny little shrimp dicks. It didn’t take much teasing to get them to do whatever you wanted.  My brother would enjoy watching, as I manipulated his friends. I would turn them into little puppets and make them do outrages things.  Sometimes I would make them suck off my brother’s cock after he fucked my tight young ass.  YUM!!  A little ATM never hurt anyone.  Other times I would make them have a circle jerk to get each other off, while I teased them with my hot wet pussy.

Amazing what men will do to get a sexy Goddess to pay attention to them.   Do you want me to pay attention to you?   Will you do anything for me?  Let me watch you on Skype, as you stroke your cock for me.  I need some amusement and I want you to amuse me as you masturbate for me. Up for the challenge?

I have a lot of Sibling Sex Stories to share with you – Don’t be afraid to ask!!!

Maybe you need to share some of your Sibling Sex Stories…I’d love to hear them,   Don’t worry I can keep a secret.   Give into something you never thought possible! Let me push your boundaries as we experiment with family fun, cuckolding or small penis humiliation. Ready for free phone sex minutes ADDED to your paid call? FIRST TIME CALLERS ONLY – Mention Sibling5, when calling me. Anything goes No Taboos Phone Sex I’m waiting to begin your next sexual adventure.

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Let me guide you in a direction you never imagined! My sultry voice will capture you and keep you coming back for more.  No worries I will make it as pleasurable as possible.  Remember it’s ALL about pushing outside your comfort zone!  Let’s explore your fetish together.  The opportunities are endless. Let me trigger your inner XXX pleasures. Always remember – Our Only Limitation is Our Imagination. Call me and Let’s cum together. I’m waiting for you now.


Sibling Sex Stories


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