Don’t Be Shy, Lick My Ass

I know I draw a ton of attention from guys for having such a juicy bubble butt.  What I don’t think guys know is I get really turned on when they play with my ass.  Its such a hush-hush fetish and so many guys are embarrassed to even admit they like it, but I’m not.  Sniffing, rimming, fingering. I want it all!

I love that almost awkward feeling when I’m letting a guy play with my ass for the first time.  Can tell he wants it by the way he gently brushes his tongue or fingers against my butthole.   With the first flick of his tongue, I rock my hips up inviting him in.  If he goes right for it, it’s like a green light for us both.

 I get on my hands and knees with my sexy ass nice and high in the air.  I love the feeling of his nose in the crack of my ass, sniffing me as he rims my hole.   He gets my star nice and wet before exploring deeper into me.  I feel the tip of his finger enter me and I let out a moan of approval.  He slides his finger in deeper, opening me.  Once we has me loosened up, I feel his warm, wet tongue slide inside.  Its so amazing!

 Once he has me loosened up, I feel his warm, wet tongue slide inside.  It’s so amazing!

Not only do I love a man who isn’t afraid to dive right in to my backdoor secret, but I love smelling myself on his when we are done.  I’m not talking about that dirty ass smell, no scat or strong odor, just that clean ass smell.  My ass lovers know exactly what I’m talking about.  That natural smell of muskiness that drives him wild.  His excitement is what gets me off the most.  The sex after letting him play with my butt is so fucking hot I come back for more every time and so does he.

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