Turning Him Into My Little Fuck Toy

The man I’ve been seeing has been so selfish lately. He only thinks of his own sexual pleasure and does not even care if I cum or not. And, for me, leaving my pussy unsatisfied is the ultimate sexual sin! That’s why I have a plan to turn the tables on him and make him my perfect little fuck toy. He’s about to exist just for my pleasure and nothing else. 

I planned a romantic candlelit dinner at my home to put him at ease. I won’t tell you how, but I got my hands on some shrinking potion and slipped it into his glass of wine. Once he emptied his glass, he suddenly dropped it on the table, it was working… He quickly shrank down to about 6-inches! His clothes lay in a pile all around him. He looked around completely naked and confused. He was finally going to be my little fuck toy!

Abusing My Little Plaything

I squatted down on the floor in front of him and told him this was his punishment for being such a selfish prick. He fell to his knees and begged me to make him ‘normal size’ again. I just laughed and picked him up by the head, dangling him in the air. His teeny tiny limbs and dick looked so ridiculously small. He screamed and demanded I put him down. So, I did, I let him go right on my hardwood floors. He landed hard but tried to get up. So, I held him down with my pretty pink manicured toes, squishing his little body between my toes. I needed to show my little fuck toy who was boss now. 

He screamed as he tried to get out from under my toes. Then, finally, he started to apologize for only thinking of himself during sex. “Too late,” I told him, “you’re my little fuck toy now.” He finally made his way out from under my toes and I could see his tiny dick was super stiff. I realized he was looking right up my skirt and getting turned on. That’s when I thought of the perfect punishment for my little fuck toy, to become a human dildo. 

My Little Fuck Toy Finally Pleases Me

Just then, I grabbed his little body and made my way over to my bed. The whole time he was freaking out about what was coming next. I opened my legs wide and pressed his head to my wet cunt. He cried out for me to stop and even grabbed onto my pussy lips to try to stop from becoming my human dildo. But, of course, I easily overpowered him and continued to shove him inside me. Then I used his entire body as a dildo, fucking my pussy over and over. I can finally say that he gave me an amazing orgasm. But, when I took him out for the last time, I realized he had drowned in my pussy juices. Luckily, I have another potion just for that. This little fuck toy will live in my drawer until I’ve decided that he’s done pleasing me. 


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 Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke