Daddy was totally shocked when he saw me hanging in the mall with all of my friends! Let’s just say I totally wasn’t wearing what he sent me to school in!! Boy did I think I was in trouble! So, I said goodbye to my friends and skipped right over to Daddy where he had a gigantic grin on his face!! I was SO confused! But… he just grabbed my hand twirling me around in a circle in front of his friends for them all to see.

Little did I know that as I twirled in front of them my skirt flared up around me allowing all of them a very nice view of my white cotton panties! I just loved all of the attention from the dirty older men. Little did I know it was going to turn into a fun-filled evening of attention and fun times!

As Daddy’s friends, one by one pulled me into their laps their hands wandering all over my body. I could feel them growing more and more touchy with each lap I was passed to. Daddy looked on very pleased as he suggested we go back to his friend’s house.

I didn’t know then but boy was I in trouble… When we got there Daddy told me to stand on the coffee table and all of his friends gathered around me. Each one admired my tight young teen body as they looked on. Before I knew it Daddy had bent me over, my panties sticking out of the back of my skirt…

Did not I tell you only sluts dress like this, Princess?

I could hear his voice echoing through the room as I felt his hand firmly smack my panty clad ass.

Would you like to finish the storyline with me, Mister?

 Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke