I picked up a new fling.. A sweet, soft-spoken guy that really knows when to flare up and show his confident side. Something about it drove me crazy – and it’s been really confusing to pinpoint exactly what drove me to him.. Was it the smile, the laugh? The way we are when we’re hanging out? Or could I see that he has a little wicked side? He always sounds sweet and polite..never really messed with me like the rest of my friends do. But I know there’s something rough inside. Something mean. The kind of guy who knows how to switch it up and fuck me like the little whore I am

So..of course, I had to take a shot at it. I started flirting – a lot. And by now I’ve realized, the way I go in for the ‘kill’ is pretty much the same. Lots of smiling, laughing, jokes, emojis, and dirty little comments from time to time.. The kind that ring a bell and say Hey – I like you. Before long, I had him in my room, desperately grabbing at my shirt and getting a little rough as he picked me up and threw me on the bed. He was starting off perfectly..hitting every little spot I loved. And of course, I was teasing him to the edge.. letting my lips linger, my hands lightly touch everywhere he wanted me to grab. And climbing on top just so that he would grow frustrated with how close I was..how warm it felt..and how, if he tore everything off right now, he could pump it into me as deep as he wanted. But I had a lot to show him. Little by little.. I messed with his head until he was subconsciously doing everything. He’d grab me by the hair, pull my clothes off, grab me by the hips and angle me just right so that he could get it all inside – and then try even deeper. I loved how rough he was getting, how it was growing by the second.

And it was all my own doing – I knew he had a little beast to unleash..it just took a little frustration to let it all out. I got what I wanted..and he was getting every juicy bit that he desired. All a part of my little game, really. 😉

Come play with me.

Dirty Sexting