I giggled as we playfully took off our clothes. We were in the bathroom, getting ready to fuck each other. I knew it was going to be hot, he was always hot. We got in under the perfectly hot water and began to kiss. His lips tasted sweet as we interlocked them. I turned around and got the loofah and started to scrub all over my body. I suds up me first and then him. I even carefully washed his massive cock by sandwiching it between my perfect ass cheeks. He groaned as he began to grow in length and stiffness as I continued to arouse him. This was just the beginning of our anal play.

This was the perfect place to hose each other off too. I knelt onto the floor as he concentrated on letting his cock subside  some so he could piss all over my hot body. As the warm yellow tinted urine flowed down my chest and down the front of my body I began to rub it all over myself. It pooled into my belly button and than down between the slit of my pussy lips. I joined it, wandering my fingers down to use the golden nectar like a lubricant and started to circle my swollen clit.

He wrapped his hands around my hair and shoved his now massive again boner into my mouth. I gagged on his full length as he held me all the way onto him till my nose touched his skin. He release me only to have my puke at his feet, which was washed down the drain with the shower water. Again he rammed himself into me hard, this time thrusting in and out of the back of my throat. Turned on he reached down and grabbed me  by the throat and brought me back up to where I was standing.

This time he turned me around to where his cock was between my ass cheeks again. It was not going to be a little bit of teasing from me this time, no it was not. He lifted my leg up over his arm and without warning shoved himself into my tight ass hole. I screamed out from the sudden jolt of pain that pushed itself through my nerves. He fish hooked his finger in the back of my cheek and plowed into me making me scream till he came deep inside of my raw ass hole. He shoved me down onto my knees and made me clean his dirty cock after that. I love getting dirty in the shower.  Let’s see how dirty our shower time will get.

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